Change Clothing Style to Change Your Life


It is necessary to understand the philosophy behind the “Change Clothing Style to Change Your Life.” Without understanding the philosophy, one would never be able to understand the full value of why it is important to “Change Clothing Style to Change Your Life.” We all have heard and read this line, “Nothing is permanent, but change itself.” So, there comes a time for our wardrobe as well that requires us to change it. Sometimes this change can be demanded by the fashions of the time. But mostly such changes are required because one is not able to fully portray oneself via one’s clothing as what one is.

Steps for “Change Clothing Style to Change Your Life

This conquest is divided into 3 parts & all of these 3 parts are also sub-divided into smaller parts. They are as followed:

  1. How to Decide On a New Style

    Decide On a New Style 

    Decide On a New Style

    • Find What Works & What Not

      • It means that you should opt for a style change that defines your personality traits.
      • For instance, if you prefer wearing jeans and t-shirts; then your style change must reflect that you are an easy going person who focuses not too much ahead. So best bet for your wardrobe will be getting an easy wear outfit.
      • Do not try to impose an outfit that does totally against your personality. This can ruin the impression of “first look, lasts long.”
      • This is the toughest part of this entire “Change Clothing Style to Change Your Life” blog-post.
    • Make a Style Goal

      • It means that after choosing what suits you the best, it is time for you to decide what you want to portray to others about your overall personality.
      • For instance, if you want to give an outlook of a person who is brave and strong; then you must opt for a cow-boy image.
      • If you are a fan of somebody, then it is also recommended to follow his\her trait with respect to his\her dressing. This will help you portray yourself as what kind of a person you are.
      • This is the second most toughest part of this entire “Change Clothing Style to Change Your Life” blog-post.
    • Be Reasonable In Your Choice(s)

      • It means that you have to consider where you live and what kind of an environment you have around you.
      • For instance, you can’t go running around fully groomed in a un-reputable colony. You might get robbed or even raped. Or even worse: death. So your choices must reflect your living surroundings.
      • Always consider your budget constraints. We want to look outstanding but sometimes we do not have budget for that. So we have to make a compromise somewhere between being outstanding to being decent and good.
      • This is the third most toughest part of this entire “Change Clothing Style to Change Your Life” blog-post.
    • Clear Everything Up

      • Now that you have followed the above 3 steps courageously; then one final bold decision is left to be made. What to do with your make-up kits as well as the entire wardrobe? Its simple answer is, “Replace them with the items that are going to help you achieve your goal.”
      • To make sound judgment calls, it is also advised to do it with the help of your friend(s). They will help you get through this tough process.
      • Please note that this is the toughest part of this entire “Change Clothing Style to Change Your Life” blog-post.
  2. Re-populate & Re-build The New Wardrobe

    Build Wardrobe image 

    Build Wardrobe

    • Go With the Basics

      • Since you will be rebuilding your wardrobe; then you must resist the temptation of going big at once -start with the basics. These basic blocks are as followed:
        • First you need to gets some basic shirts in. They can be t-shirts, polo, button-ups or any other type that suits your style.
        • Now you add-up some black & white pants as per your taste and choice. They will be help you in formal and some non-formal events.
        • Get the desired flattering jeans. They can be of fitting and they can be loose. It is all about what males you more flatter & appealing in the eyes of others.
        • Next item is cardigans and some sweaters. Remember to have some versatility here. Because they make the most part of your personality.
        • Next comes the skirts and the dresses. Whatever you chose here, make sure it suits your skin the most. If chosen right, they can make you the brightest light of the event.
        • The last item on the list are undergarments. Most people don’t focus here. You should never be one of them. They represent your inner self. So always go for high quality and more appealing under garments. Remember -what is under the hood; matters the most.
      • This is one of the most easiest part of this entire “Change Clothing Style to Change Your Life” blog-post.
    • Lasting Style cum Best Fitting

      • It is extremely important that whatever you buy for your wardrobe, it must be in fashion as well as it best fits you.
      • For women, please ensure that the pants you buy are not too small or neither too slimmed around the waist. There should not be any bulges around your hip and waist line too. For tops, please make sure it fully fits your shoulders.
      • For men, please ensure that your shirt fits you well. It should not showcase as if you are wearing anyone else’s shirt. Pants should neither be tight or loose. It should be a combination of both.
      • On online shopping, always make sure to give your recent measurements. Make sure they are not 1 month old. Because in online shopping, chances of getting a misfit are extremely high.
      • This is the most important part of this entire “Change Clothing Style to Change Your Life” blog-post.
    • Choose the Right Colors

      • Always choose colors that compliments your skin tone.
      • For choosing right colors, always go with a friend who will help you in try-outs and will help you make a decision on which colors to look for when buying clothes.
    • Always Look for Accessories

      • It is pivotal that after doing all the clothing buying, you should look out for accessories that can further enhance your personality.
      • For a man, best accessories includes handkerchief, rings and watches.
      • For a woman, possibilities are limitless. Be the watch or a bracelet or any kinda earrings -all will go with a woman.
  3. Stay Strong on Your Fashion Statement

    Fashion Statement image 

    Fashion Statement

    • Don’t Divert

      • Do not divert from your fashion statement at all. Some might say that what have you done to yourself. You must ignore such people. Because of all the people in the world, you know better what suits you better.
    • Be a Careful Selector of Fashion Statements

      • If you face budget constraints, then don’t opt for filling your wardrobe with limited lifeline clothing.
      • Always keep a mix bag of best long lasting fashion clothing and the upcoming ones.
      • The last but not least, always make sure whatever you buy; it can go along with several of your outfits.

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