Herbal Skin Care Importance


Introduction about Herbal Skin Care

Healthy skin care is just not a subject regarding today’s world; it has been used since ancient times. And people over centuries have preferred herbal skin care to take care of their natural skin problems. No matter what one says, this trend will also continue in upcoming centuries as well. Natural and organic natural skin care routines were changed by synthetic/chemical base skin care products. In fact not many likes’ herbal skin care products as the marketing of inorganic & chemical based products were done on the propaganda against the natural herbal skin care.


Since ancient times

Current Situation of Herbal Skin Care

But this paradigm change can be called liking to man-made products due to our own laziness to work hard and develop such herbal remedies for ourselves. Perhaps herbal skin care items are commercialized. Now many cosmetic companies are producing herbal skin care products. But the issue is they use preservatives to enhance their shelves’ life. This in consequence, makes them less effective. So in current scenario, it has been to use home-made herbal skin care products for maximum result. And if you still don’t want to do that, then just use the normal one.


Commercialized Herbs

Most Common Herbal Skin Care Items

The most common herbal skin care items would include the following:

Aloe Seeds


Aloe Vera

They are in use medicinally for hundreds of ages now. A paste is made out of it in addition with Aloe Vera & applied onto the skin to reduce perspiration, sun burns & pushing away bad scents coming out of our bodies naturally. Thus our skin pores are mostly open and clean ultimately.



Dandelion herb

Dandelion is cultivated early during spring time. At that time, its roots & leaves are used as a spring tonic. This aids in digestion as well as vitality of skin agent, after a long winter time to get our body organs rolling. In addition to that, Dandelion greens also have been used as a diuretic. This means that it promotes the process in which body water loss is important. And it does that, through urination.



The Tea Herb

This herb occupies a very significant flare in the herbal skin care products. The Herb Tea is made out of it that helps in relieving stress & anxiety. It directly impacts our digestive system and is considered very useful in menstrual cycle as well as other digestive issues. It is all because, it has the ability to relax the muscle tissues directly & naturally. And has an amazing soft effect on our skin.

Summary about Herbal Skin Care

So, it has been ensured & scientifically proven that 99% of the herbs don’t possess any side effects. So preferring them over an-made products is nothing but being rationale & conscious towards one’s health. So, we should all try to use herbal skin care products and items that are at our disposal in our homes. But if needed, one can use man-made items as well as they do have their own uses.

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