How To Protect Skin From Sun Naturally- Best Sun Protection Tips


How To Protect Skin From Sun Naturally

Summer is at your door, and so is the sun. It is not just the season of shakes and cold drinks, it is the season to remind you to follow some measures to safe keep you from the hard beating sun. There are many cosmetic products that blatantly promise the customers for protecting their skin claiming they have the Best Natural Sun Protection or How To Protect Skin From Sun Naturally. Yet there are some products that directly or indirectly may harm your tans and smooth skin.

The world has shifted from offline cosmetic treatment to the online remedies. And thankfully, we still have the bag full of natural stuff to cater to your needs. When we talk about nature’s gifts, we mean it and here we have today’s guide on How To Protect Skin From Sun Naturally. No matter how promising the company’s adverts may be, there is always some hazardous effect that is linked to their usage.

Best Natural Sun Protection Techniques

Even if you are a caring mother to your loving kids, or a college goer teen worried about her skin, or an office executive, who has to make it work beating the sunny-every-day, these solutions and remedies will be effective and strengthen ways to fight the sun rays.

Shorten the Out Time

Make a regular and fixed timing for your routine work like reaching the college/workplace before the sun starts hitting the light and leave after the peak hours go easy almost around the evening. The time you spend outside is the time you are most vulnerable to skin irritation, sunburn, and skin cancer. Sun rays  get strongest between 1000 and 1600 hours. Palpably, nobody would take the risk getting out unless there is some other emergency.

And if you have no option but stepping out, follow the next step:

Cover Your Skin

The easiest and Best Remedy For Sunburn is to cover your skin properly and make sure it is a pure cotton fabric. The covering must be all over the skin from hands to shoulders, and from head to neck. This may make you gain like some anti-social attention, but just for the time, you are out. The best and effective shield so far is to put a wide-brimmed hat that will cover all your face and the neck area (and probably you wouldn’t have to put a cover or a bandana around your face). Avoid the black/Red clothes that absorb heat instead of reflecting the sunlight. What you get by doing so is the 27% chance of being safe from the sun rays.

Food To Protect Skin From Sun Naturally

Drink Green Tea

Green Tea is one of the internal agents that serve as a protector and the Best Remedies For Sunburn. Tea is loaded with the complex arsenal of antioxidant compounds. It has been medically proven that green tea not only provides a way to cure many ailments, but also green leaves of the tea are a rich source of polyphenols that help skin develop against the odds like inflammation, skin damage, and DNA damage. If you can’t find a way to drink some, then apply its extract directly onto your skin to get the protective layer.


Astaxanthin is the super antioxidant that is available in algae to the fullest, most easily available in shrimp and salmon. The antioxidant is the primary weapon against sun damage that human skin has.

Eat Green

Green leafy vegetables are one place that every problem vanishes. The natural elements are the base of the expensive high-rated sunscreens and SPF solutions, as proven medically and claimed by the manufacturers themselves. When it’s all natural, why not have the natural sources directly. The antioxidants, minerals, iron, and electrolytes are all packed into these vegetables. So, next time prepare a smoothie of spinach, olive oil for salads, and almonds for snacks all are going to get you more and more antioxidants for better, stronger skin.


Well, lycopene is the element that is the key role player in acting as the natural sunscreen agent. The best of the best part is, you can have much of it in the most natural form, tomato. According to the latest and ongoing researches, tomato in any forms has the potential to protect human skin against Ultra Violet radiations. Other than Tomatoes, you’d find Lycopene in watermelon, Guava, and Papaya.

Dark Chocolate

Opt for the darker chocolate as the darker the chocolate has more Flavanolingredient which is an antioxidant type different than the flavonoid. Human skin staves away the risks of getting the skin damages and gets improved with proper intake of Flavonols-riched diet or beverages.

Red Wine

Flavonol is also found in Red Wine easily that also has the same to offer, protective layer against UV-B radiation. So, feel free when you hold a glass of Red Wine in summer, you have a legitimate excuse this time.

Berries and Fruit

Blueberries and many fruits including some vegetables have an element named Ellagic acid, which is a great prevention against collagen damage from UV-B radiation invoked inflammation. Berries and fruits like pineapples, pomegranate, and orange provide anti-photoaging solutions. So, next, you take some berries or a pomegranate home, think about a wrinkle-free skin.


You can use cucumber slices on your eyes to cool and calm the entire day’s heat. On the other hand, you can create a paste-like a mixture with added honey and apply the concoction on the skin directly. It not only soothes the surface but also has a cleansing effect protecting against the sun damage

Eat Plenty of Saturated Fat

Eat saturated fats and improve your UV-resistance, period. A higher saturated fat diet is protective against the hard-hitting sun. So, if you want to beat the sun today, go finish your breakfast that had butter in it. The other reliable and plentiful sources of the Saturated fats are Coconut Oil and Palm Oil.

Skin Sun Protection Tips

Studies are still going on, with day-to-day evolving diseases and their treatments. What we believe is that things start with nature and end with nature. There are always some solutions to the diseases that dominate in the form of a remedy. These were the Best Natural Sun Protection techniques that we believe would be much helpful to you this season but the more important thing is here we provide most of technique How To Protect Skin From Sun Naturally.

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