How to Treat your Sunburn


What is a Sunburn?

Many of us wants to take off our clothes and take a sun bathe in the hope that we would get a golden look on our body. But what happens instead is that we end up like a red lobster that feels high level of skin burning and irritation.

Why it is important to know about Sunburn?

It is extremely important to know about sunburn for people of all ages. We say so because CDC states that more than one-third of adults alongside a 70%+ children gets affected with sunburn every year. So you can now comprehend the idea why its is important to know about sunburn and how to treat your sunburn effectively.

What are the causes of Sunburn?

As explained earlier sunburn happens because of prolonged application of sun rays onto your body when you are enjoying sunshine in the open esp. at the beach. But in broader terms, what really causes the sunburn?

For the answer to this “what are the causes of sunburn?”, we have to look deep into our skin. We all know that sun gives off 3 waves of ultraviolet rays which are as followed:

  • UVA
  • UVB
  • UVC

Now, UVC waves cannot reach the earth’s surface due to protective covering of earth. But, the UVA & UVB can reach into your beach towels fairly easily. And that is why, they can also easily penetrate your skin too.

Adverse Effects of Sunburn

Adverse effects of sunburn are as followed:

  • Premature skin aging.
  • DNA alteration.
  • Skin cancer
  • Deadly melanoma

How to Treat Your Sunburn

We now come to the part where we will tell you how to treat your sunburn:

    • Take cool baths to sooth your body.
    • Use cream or gels that have ingredients like menthol, camphor and aloe.

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