Learn How To Be More Attractive



3 Steps to “Learn how to be more Attractive

We have divided this subject into 3 parts which are as followed:

  1. Keeping a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Building up your body language.
  3. Improving socialization skills.

Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle

In order to “learn how to be more attractive“, keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is extremely important. For this, you must do the following things:

  • Get Into Shape
    • Some people might confuse this with having a muscular 6 abs type “get into shape” thing. Well, that is indeed true. But we recommend toning yourself into a nice shape and figure. It is equally important for both men and women to have a healthy body as this is the first thing that attracts the person towards you.
  • Increased Usage of Fruits & Vegetables
    • For a healthy lifestyle, always make sure, you take healthy amount of fruits and vegetables in every meal. This would help you remain fit and will give your skin a healthy wealthy glow.
  • Sleep Well
    • No matter whether you are a child or an adult, if you don’t sleep well, you would eventually end up tired and lazy-looking. You’ll also be developing a bad temper unknowingly within yourself. So this tip is one of the easiest ways of getting yourself into a healthy lifestyle circle.
  • Keep up with Grooming
    • Make a habit of showering, brushing and flossing regularly. Believe it or not, this helps you gain confidence 300% alongside attracting people towards you like a magnet.
  • Do Meditation
    • Take sometime out to meditate. This will bring a calming influence into your personality and people will feel to get under your umbrella for making themselves calm as you are.

Building-up your Body Language

In order to “learn how to be more attractive“, improving your body language is an important key.To help you out with your body language, you must do the following things:

  • Have an Open Torso Stand
    • Be open about your body. Let people see you. Let people see your open stance. Close stances refers to unavailability in human psychology.
  • Don’t Hide your Hands
    • A common mistake that we often do is to have our hands in our pockets, or folded, or under the table and so forth. Don’t do it especially when you are looking to connect with others. Avoid that at all cost. Because showing hands is like letting other person know that he\she can trust you.
  • Have a welcoming Smile
    • Smile. Great others with a smile on your face. It shows that you are approachable and easy to talk to. Not to mention more friendlier too. So people will feel more attracted towards you.
  • Always make Eye-Contact
    • Eye contact is the hardest part to learn if you are looking to learn how to be more attractive. Practice this in front of the mirror with yourself. And, when you meet with others next-time, then keep a proper eye-contact. It shows off your confidence and attracts others towards you directly proportional to your eye contact length.
  • Make a Stand
    • It means that you need to stand tall when speaking and communicating with others. Especially when you are trying to connect personally. Maturity and standing tall helps you get what you want from others.

Improving Socialization Skills

We see so many socializing networks on internet for a reasons And the core reason is human beings are social animals. So this is the last yet most important part of “learn how to be more attractive” article. How can we do that? The details are as followed:

  • First Listen, Then Say
    • Make a habit of becoming a good listener. And in addition to that, let others speak first & wait for your turn to reply back. This creates a feeling of respect in the heart of another person. And this trait, thus becomes the most decent part of “learn how to be more attractive” post.
  • Learn to Use W’s
    • W’s refer to the questions starting with W alphabet. It includes, what, where, when, whom etc. Use them when replying to the people you are engaged in during communication. It shows that you are taking interest in what they have to say. Thus, they start to get more open to you. Which also means that you become more attractive for them. So this is also another important element of “learn how to be more attractive” article.
  • Communicate Positively
    • Avoid negative words and sentences in your communication. Use positive ones instead. Even if the situation is negative, try to show other positive elements out of it. This can really bring you and the other close to each other fairly quickly. This is the last part of “learn how to be more attractive” article.


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