10 healthy lifestyles to lose weight


Overweight or obesity has been defined as a disease because obese causes a lot of death every year. Losing weight is the only option you have once you realize you are overweight. Diet pill, surgery, even exercise will not help at all if your lifestyle is still the same. Take a look at those 10 healthy lifestyles to lose weight naturally and (quite) permanently.

1. Make a list of eating habits 

According to studies, improving eating habits is an important factor in keeping or improving your overall health, and that’s include losing weight. To improve your eating habits, you have to know your own habit well. Having a journal that contains everything you eat and drink everyday is a good way to start. You will know exactly your own habits and will able to decide what changes you should make. Many people find out that overeating usually happen when they are stressed out, or depressed. By having a food journal you can also determine:
– Bad eating habit.
– What triggers you to do those unhealthy eating habit.
– What things you can do to avoid those triggers.
– What habit to replace the unhealthy ones.

2. Eat regularly

Many people, not only the overweight people, but also normal-weighted people who want to maintain body weight, make the same mistake, skipping meals. By skipping meals, there is no additional calorie intake and even you will burn calories, losing some weight. Wrong! It just makes your body store fat faster no matter what size of the portion is. Your body also requires a number of healthy nutrients every day to stay healthy, skipping meals means skipping healthy nutrients.

3. Exercise 

Physical activity is very good for body health regardless of your weight, gender, or age. Sedentary lifestyles are often linked with excessive weight gain, heightened risk of many diseases, and also weakening the muscles and joints. If you are already overweight, you probably think that exercise is something you will never do because you don’t have enough strength to do it. Actually, there are many physical activities you can do to become fitter. Walking is one thing you can do. Don’t drive when you are going to a nearby place; take a walk instead. Don’t use elevator, take the stair instead. Diet alone is not enough; exercise is also a must to maintain or reduce body weight.

4. Make a healthy shake/smoothie

Shakes and smoothies are delicious and a perfect healthy tools for improving your overall health. The nutrition that contains is exceptionally rich; there are antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Everything your body needs. They are easy to make, you can have them before you start your day and you will be more ready to go through the day. All you need is skim milk, a cup will be enough, and a tablespoon of cold-pressed organic flax seed oil. For the fruits, you can use anything you like but, my favorites are blueberries and peach.

5. Drink water 

Drink water not soda or coffee, water is extremely important for your health. Water makes your body function properly. Water can also improve your metabolism. A research suggested that drinking water boosts metabolism by 27%, higher metabolism means more calories burnt.

6. Choose a trusted weight loss product

You can obtain weight lost supplements very easily; they are available in all drugstores and online stores. Weight lost products often said they used natural ingredients and herbs that have been used by many people for centuries. Well, some of them are not what they say they are. There are some effective products and there are also products with high claims without any prove of effectiveness. A trusted product proves its reliability by listing complete ingredients of the product. It is suggested to consult your doctor first regarding the ingredient. If there’s no list of ingredients; don’t buy that product.

7. Drink green tea

Most of the best weight loss products contain green tea. Green tea is more than very healthy; you definitely should have a cup of them at least once a day. Green tea is rich in powerful antioxidants, not only a cancer-fighting substance, antioxidant also improve your overall health.

8. Use smaller plates

When you eat on a big plate, your mind makes you eat everything on that big plate. So, you can trick your mind by using a smaller plate. Your mind will be tricked to emptying the plate and feel already full. Always choose a smaller one whenever you eat, it can be dinner, lunch, or breakfast so you will eat smaller portions. By doing this method, maintaining or even losing weight will be a lot easier.

9. Fruits and vegetables 

Limit the consumption of burgers, pizzas, French fries and other junk and unhealthy foods. Make sure your diet includes more fruits and veggies. The vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables are extremely important for your health. The antioxidants contained are also essential for overall health because it protects you from free radical related health issues.

10. Eat more fiber 

Fiber improves your digestion system; it also stabilizes your bowel movements. A good digestion system is crucial for health and also plays a significant role in weight loss. You can get fiber by eating fruits and veggies; another fiber source is whole grain product.


Overweight or obesity makes you more likely to get various diseases and it could be the most severe ones. There are many things you can do to improve your health by losing weight, so you will be evaded from getting sick. You just need some willpower to do the changes that will change your life forever.

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