10 unhealthy products that harm our health


Additives found in soaps, shampoos, toothpaste and other products that we use daily, can be linked with the appearance of various allergies, skin infections creation, and can even lead to cancer. Read about them, so bring conclusion by yourself.

Sponge Bath

Sponges are the perfect place for bacteria and fungi. Of course, that does not mean all sponges for bathing to immediately take them from home, but it is necessary to change them every week. Also, after bathing, the sponge you need to wash it well and drain and leave in a cool, dark place.


Air fresheners

Air fresheners in the winter saves lives, but if it’s not cleaned frequently, it starts to pile up dirt. It is recommended that every third day to be cleaned with a sponge and brush.


Sticks for cleaning ears

The wax in the ears there is for a reason – to protect delicate structures of the inner ear. The wax is healthy, but if its build up too much can cause pain and inflammation. That is what you do to them, when you clean your ears with sticks.

Antibacterial soaps

Studies have shown that these soaps are ineffective. Simply, wash your hands with plain soap and water. And that’s it.


We all know how dangerous is the constant sitting. In this way the risk of heart disease is increasing, also of obesity and mortality. Even if you exercise regularly, that don’t reduce the importance of the usually sitting. Get up whenever you can. The easy walk every hour, reduces the risk of death by 23%.


Of course you wash your blender at any use, but you are probably forgetting about this one thing: mobile tire angle of the vessel, which hold them closed. Research from 2013, showed that it is the third subject with the most bacteria in the kitchen and that may contain salmonella, E.coli and fungi. Make sure each time after use to wash it well, and especially that part.


Accessories for trimming nails

Utensils we use for trimming nails can hide many “dirty secrets”. If you not clear good, the bacteria can quickly multiply on them, and this can lead to skin infections.

Therefore, after each use, wash all utensils with soap and hot water and dry them. Never borrow kit.

Plush Toys

They are a magnet for dust and bacteria, which leads to the development of internal allergies, sneezing, stuffy nose, red eyes and lacrimal. One to two toys let to your child’s crib, and the others arrange them on a shelf. Change them every week or put them in plastic bags and place them in the freezer overnight to kill all the bacteria.


Paste for teeth whitening

We all rely on these pastes for fresh breath, clean and white teeth, but their long – term use may increase the sensitivity of the teeth. The best way is to go to plaque dentist.

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