Decade of life is for many in the characters of the family planning. But the Job should not come to short. For the preparation of healthy food is therefore, in the bustle between work and family life, hardly any time at all. In couple relationships in which both parents full-time employment, mothers (or fathers) 55 minutes per day in order to bring the food for the family on the table. These are about 40 minutes less than the non-employed mothers. This is not to say that in families with working parents the structure of the family meals, is repealed. However, the meal pattern is shifted to a common warm meal in the evening. Instead, working mothers, time-saving need to develop strategies to get the family fed and to feed optimally healthy. Not infrequently, their own interests and their own healthy diet to stay on the track.

The little quirks of daily dining plan

Also in this age group is used too often to animal foods. Per week no more than 300 to 600 g low-fat meat and sausages, and 3 eggs (incl. processed eggs in pasta, pastries, etc.) on the dining plan. The herbal products, especially those made of whole grain cereals that could be eaten somewhat more frequently. Test, whether you are coming to the recommended amount:

  • 4-6 slices of whole grain bread or 3-5 slices of bread and 50-60 g of cereal flakes
  • 150-180 g of brown rice, or 200-250 g whole wheat pasta, or 200-250 g potatoes (cooked)
  • 5 servings of fruits and vegetables of the day

And, how about you? Special attention is directed to the intake of folic acid. This is measured in terms of the recommendations in all age groups is low. Of particular importance is the supply of Folic acid for women with desire to have children, since a sufficient folic acid supply is important to avoid in the development of the child serious harm (e.g., neural tube defect, “open back”).

Good folic acid suppliers leafy vegetables (e.g. spinach, lettuce), asparagus, and wheat germ/bran. Since the supply of food is not sufficient, as a rule, the recommended daily Intake in children the desire to achieve is an additional daily intake of about 0.4 mg by means of suitable folic acid supplements makes sense.

Lack of time contra a healthy diet

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life with little time for shopping and food will often cook. In addition to work and other commitments, the preparation of Food must be above all quick and practical. Since the healthy fresh need to diet before a fast court soft. In these situations, the “Something-is-better-than-nothing principle”. They complement a cooked dish or sandwiches, a salad or raw vegetable sticks. After the Pizza as dessert a fresh fruit salad or fruit pieces. You can PEP up the finished dish with fresh ingredients:

  • Place fresh tomatoes about 8 minutes before the end of cooking on the Pizza
  • You give to China-pan fresh sprouts, pepper strips, or frozen vegetables (peas, carrots)
  • To fit milk rice from the bag of fresh stewed Apples or warmed up frozen fruit

Ready meals – what to keep in mind?

Ready meals are available in different compositions and processing steps. Take care in the selection of dishes on a few important points:

  • You prefer the processed, frozen food (vegetables, fruit, herbs). These generally contain more vitamins than canned products.
  • The main share in ready meals should be vegetables, fruits, pasta, rice or potatoes. Pay attention to the ingredients list: the ingredients are listed in quantity, in descending order, i.e. the food, which accounts for the largest share, in the first place.
  • Take a look at the nutritional information per Serving: A full meal should be max. 600 to 800 kcal and the fat content of max. 40 % of the total energy.

The fat content can be calculated using the following formula: (9.3 x fat, in grams / energy kcal ) x 100 = percentage of fat in %

Organization is everything

Shopping takes a lot of time and pressure is just under the time-very annoying. They therefore rely on clever storage. Then you are also well prepared for unforeseen events (e.g., unexpected Overtime).

  • Create a generous supply of good, durable food products. This includes brown rice, oatmeal, whole-grain flour, nuts, H-milk, Margarine, for example, include potatoes, whole grain pasta,.
  • Fill the freezer with frozen vegetables/ fruit, and whole grain bread.
  • A buy – up to twice per week, stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables (e.g., nectarines, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber). This keeps in the fruit and vegetable drawer of the refrigerator for a few days. Apples, pears, Cabbage, carrots and leeks can be stored in a cool, dark rooms, even up to several months.
  • Think you have always have sufficient bottled water and fruit juices in the house.

Well prepared is half-cooked

With the right preparation, you can handles many of the hand and thus precious time saving.

  • You can mix oatmeal, a stock serving of cereal made of whole grain, unsweetened Flakes, nuts, sunflower seeds, etc. With milk and some fruit is quick to prepare a healthy Breakfast. Ready-mixed mueslis are rather unsuitable, since they have a high Sugar content and calories.
  • The salad sauce for the salad you can cook once per week in larger quantities. A vinegar/Oil Dressing is 3-4 days in the fridge.
  • To get into the habit of cooking double the amount. Store the Rest in the fridge for the next day or freeze the leftovers.

Place a handful of healthy lightning recipes in 30 minutes on the table, if it has to go fix.

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