Best Diet Plan For Women- Healthy Protein Meal Plan for Women


Best Diet Plan For Women

What contributes to your wellness? Food, Clothes, and Shelter of course, but did you notice that food always comes first. This March is dedicated to women entirely, our team is going to have the ladies take care of their health through these foody elements which not only are a good source of taste, but also the efficient ways to get running. What should be the Best Meal Plan for Women, seems too easy to find out, but really takes a lot of research. Let us find out.

Starting with the most important factors that are the base for your diet plan and structure, we have this to share with our readers. The accurate and proper diet depends solely on your blood group type, apart from the external factors like the air and environment. Every lady knows how easy it is to take some time out for exercises; especially when your family depends on you or even the HR executive.

Best Meal Plan for Women Naturally

The diet need to be followed under the supervision of health and nutrition expert. Hence, the diet chart we are about to present here is as prescribed by Delhi-based health and Nutrition expert Dr. Bobby Luthra. Let us know what she has recommended to women as many have adapted it and many are yet to follow her tips.

Stop Shrinking your Hunger

But, before we begin, it is dead important to let you know that all the health conscious people need to stop starving to keep their health compromised. Having your feeding limited doesn’t always keep you healthy. What matters the most is to choose the right food and at the right time phase. Timing plays a key role to keep you in shape as well mobile. Don’t be distressed to seeing the eating plan, is not just to keep you slim, also it is a great and easy way to help you pick what is the right choice for your wellness.

Healthy Protein Meal Plan for Women

Start your Morning With:

  • Around 7:30 am: Coconut Water or Aloe Gel 50 ml.
  • Take 2 glasses of hot water after 15 minutes.

In Breakfast (After 1 hour): (Choose one option)

  • 1 cup Tea/Milk + Rusk or Brown Bread
  • 1 bowl milk with cornflakes or Oats
  • 2 Egg white (Boiled)+ Lemon Water

Midday Meal: (Around 13:00) (Opt for one)

  • 25 slices of Watermelon+4 Plum Or 25 pieces of Papaya
  • 2 Slice of Pine Apple+ 1 guava Or 3 kiwis

Diet for Lunch (Around 14:30) (Choose one)

  • 1 Stuffed bread sandwich + 1 bowl of vegetable/curd (stuffed with onion, Spinach, guard)
  • Pulses + Salads (1 plate full)

Diet at around 15:30

Green tea or warm water

Post evening meals 17:30

Take Aloe gel 50 ml, after 15 minutes have a couple of glasses of water.

Meals around 18:30

Have 1 glass of milk to boost your protein chain supply

At Dinner Time around 20:30 (go for any one option)

  • Wheat Bread/Chapati with 50 g of Chicken
  • 4-5 pieces of Grilled or Steamed Chicken/Soy/Cheese
  • 1 bowl full of Fruit salad
  • 2 Bowls of Veggies Soup or Milk with cornflakes

Post Dinner Meals at around 22:30

You can have Green Tea or Milk.

There are certain dos and don’ts that you will have to keep in mind just in case you forget to remember you are on a walk to change yourself. Don’t lose your determination and will power to get fit and active. There are surely some stuff and edibles you really have to stay away from.

  • Eliminate sugary fruits that include Grapes, Mangoes, Bananas, Apricot, Muskmelon, Canary melon.
  • Say no to Pickles, oily Snacks, and deep fried or processed foods (especially Nachos).
  • Keep your hands off the bakery products like cakes, pastries, and patties.
  • Say no to Preserved juice go for only naturally prepared ones (by that, we mean homemade only).
  • Don’t take curd/yogurt at night.
  • Be timely and never miss a meal.
  • Before your clock hits 19:00, be sure to have drunk at least 4 liters of water.
  • Eliminate vegetables like Cabbage, cauliflower, lady finger, and lotus stem.

Vegetables and Pulses that Help

  • Bottle Guard
  • Ridge Guard
  • Spinach
  • Cheese
  • Mushroom
  • Green Peas
  • Broccoli
  • Kidney Beans (Once a week)
  • Mustard

Diet Plan for Women to lose Weight

Along with taking care of yourself, there are other ways to ensure that the plan you are following is effective and adequate for you. These are:

  • Staying hygienic as far as possible.
  • Maintaining a proper timetable.
  • Stop being a smoker or an alcoholic.
  • Review your diet plan and keep switching between the options to have a different taste.
  • Keep your body hydrated and stress-free.
  • Take regular exercises as per your physio’s instructions.
  • If you are an extremely affected one towards caffeine or Tea, try not to over limit the intake.
  • Change your old habits if you are dedicated to seeing the newer version of yourself.
  • If your work hours eat away your time, take some edibles and a water bottle along with you all the time.
  • Don’t eat less eat the right at the right time (mind the timing).
  • Being optimistic always does the magic.
  • We recommend you stay away from pills and all to get instant results, quick results may cause you more troubles later with harmful side –effects. (If it is your need of the hour, consult your Medical Expert first).
  • And last of all be in flow to see the change in you. The changes are not implemented overnight. It does take some time to see the results. Compliment yourself every once in a while and stay in touch with positive people. Get motivated by the achievers and motivators around you. Avoid negativity.

Some other Tips for Women to Lose Weight Naturally:

So, this was the plan for all the ladies out there or holding the fortresses from inside. Women play a significant role in building, caressing, and raising a great family from kids, mothers, to a grandparent and to a great CEO. Hope the health tips based on Best Diet Plan For Women would be an effective way to keep the goodness in you. Do leave us your response to that so we can provide you more in the coming times.

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