Foods That Aid in Weight Loss and Boost Energy


Okay, almost every person who wants to shed some weight already realizes that changing their diet is a necessary step. However, I would have to say that many who want to change what they are eating really have no guidance. Did you know that there are foods you can choose to start eating today that will boost your energy, increase your metabolism and help to get you started losing weight?

salmon for omega-3

Foods which boost your metabolism, that lead to increased energy and weight loss are great in themselves. Combine these types of foods together with a good effective exercise plan, you should see and feel improvements to your body, and in other ways such as those nasty numbers on the scale. Yes finding these foods at the local grocery store is not as simple as going to the Metabolism isle, but they do exist.

So what foods can ramp up your metabolism, and also help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Lets get started with a protein and the dirty word “fish”.

A good fish to add to your diet is Salmon. Yes it is generally higher in calories then a whitefish but it is low in saturated fats, high in protein (needed for your muscles) and has an essential fatty acid known as omega-3.

Essential fatty acids are required by humans for health reasons, however our bodies do not make them. Therefore we have to obtain these from our foods by eating things such as fish. The omega-3s in salmon help to improve insulin sensitivity, which helps to lesson our waistline fat.

Another benefit of adding salmon, especially wild salmon to your diet is it can activate the thyroid hormone to help increase metabolism along with improvements to your cardiovascular health.

Salmon is also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, it contains selenium, niacin, vitamin b12 (energy booster), vitamin b6, magnesium, and also phosphorous.

Not Only Body Builders Can Use Whey Protein

Another great protein that provides the building blocks necessary for building muscle tissue is Whey Protein. Usually we connect this product to body builders, but average everyday people can incorporate this into their diet as well.

Whey protein helps our bodies produce amino acids and these acids help in the forming of muscle tissue. Muscle tissue is what we want on our bodies for strength and shape rather then fat.

This supplement aids our bodies both hormonally and also enhances cellular responses. Also, whey protein has benefits for our immune system by acting as an antioxidant. Put this supplement into your daily diet and exercise routine for consistent results building muscle, and also potential fat loss.

Visit The Produce Section at the Grocery Stores for These

kale is a great leafy green

How about some green foods which are easily available in our grocery stores.

Kale, along with other green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, and turnip tops are rich with the mineral iron. Iron can help boost your metabolism with its ability to transport the nutrients you take in throughout your body by supporting the red blood cells.

These leafy foods are recommended not only for the benefit of metabolism boosting, but because they are low in carbohydrates and calories. By adding these to your diet you aid your body in its ability to convert food to energy in a very efficient manner which also aids in weight loss.

What About Seeds and Nuts?

Next on our list of foods is nuts and super seeds.

Nuts and seeds are nutrition power houses that will help you keep your metabolism moving along efficiently. They also keep you feeling energized and satisfied longer by adding fiber and lean proteins into your daily diet.

Some of the choices available that are considered good nuts and seeds are:

eat almonds

Almonds – These help protect the hearts health while also providing a metabolism boost with the mineral magnesium. Eating these also will add fiber which helps you to feel full longer.

Brazil Nuts – Yes this is the nut most throw away when they purchase mixed nuts. If you are among those stop doing that. This nut is a great source of selenium. Selenium is a mineral that research has shown to improve the metabolism of fat. The only concern with consuming these is it is recommended to not eat too many every day as too much selenium is not a good thing.

Chia seeds – Who knew that these seeds were eatable and were good for us. I only knew of them from those Chia Pet commercials. These seeds are a great way to add more omega-3s to your diet as well as soluble and insoluble fiber. These aid in keeping your blood sugar levels normal and also help your digestion system.

All that is needed is to add a spoonful here and there into things like yogurt, your cereal and also right into baked goods.

Live Healthier, Boost Your Metabolism, Reduce the Fat

Hopefully these listed food items that boost energy and weight loss will help you to get started planning a new and healthier diet for yourself. These are only a few of the many wonderful foods that you could and should add into your daily meals as they are not only great tasting but also aid in your overall health.

Small changes by removing unhealthy fatty, starchy foods can help to increase muscle while providing a reduction in weight. Lastly remember to include your new healthy diet into a daily workout and exercise program for long lasting effectiveness.

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