GOMAD Diet – Gain 15 Lbs of Muscle in 20 Days!


GOMAD diet has been around for many years, and has attracted attention from many bodybuilders, hard-gainers and those who are looking to increase muscle mass within a matter of weeks.

For many, gaining weight can be challenging and very frustrating especially if you have tried many supplements in the past such as; weight gainers, protein shakes, meal replacements, and other muscle building supplements.

Starting the GOMAD diet you can assure you will gain weight and muscle mass without putting a whole in your wallet.

Focusing on food that’s high in protein alone isn’t going to deliver the results you’re expecting, protein will help you build more muscle but not so much on helping you gain weight fast.

What is GOMAD diet?

“GOMAD” stands for; Gallon Of Milk A Day, and this diet might not be for everyone and especially if your lactose tolerant. If drinking whole milk isn’t an issue, then get ready to pack on some lean muscle mass – and very, very fast!

When you are at your local supermarket grab 7 gallons of whole milk for the week. Make sure to buy whole milk and not the non-fat, low-fat milks because you want the high calories that are in a whole milk and not to mention higher nutrients also.

Buying 5-7 gallons of milk all at once will help you accomplish on fishing a gallon per day every time you open the fridge and see all that milk, and of course save you gas and time from going to the store everyday.

When you go through the whole week and all seven gallons of milk is gone head to the store for seven more for the current week.

In your second week following the GOMAD diet you should start to see very noticeable results in weight gaining and muscle mass if you have been drinking a gallon per day.

The GOMAD diet isn’t a diet where that’s all you’re having all day, everyday. You need to continue eating what you’re eating daily and just add the gallon per day into it.

You do not have to drink the whole gallon all at once, you can spread it throughout your day just make sure it’s gone within 24 hours.

GOMAD diet – What does each gallon contain?

The GOMAD diet works and those who have tried it will strongly agree.

The reason the GOMAD diet works is because of it’s high protein, calories and carbohydrates you get from it but that’s not all.

GOMAD diet – 1 Gallon Contains:

  • Calories: 2,400
  • Total Fat: 128 g
  • Total Carbohydrates: 192 g
  • Protein: 128 g

Whole milk also contains small amounts of hormones that have linked to increasing testosterone.

DHEA and IGF-1 can help increase muscle strength and testosterone in men.

The price of milk compared to what you’re getting out of it is relatively cheap.

GOMAD diet benefits

The GOMAD diet is meant to do one thing and that’s help you gain weight by increasing the daily calories and other nutrients. Working out and exercising is highly recommended, unless you wan’t it all in fat.

  • Gain Weight Fast
  • Increase Muscle Size and Mass
  • Increase Muscle Strength
  • Speed Up Muscle Recovery

GOMAD diet – Side Effects

There are no side effects from drinking milk. It’s most definitely natural and very safe if you consider that infants and babies drink it daily.

No known side-effects for long-term use of the GOMAD diet, but it’s recommended you don’t continue longer than 20 days in a row without taking a brake from it.

It’s natural, it’s safe. Just don’t over do it.

Milk is natural and a safe alternative to steroids and pro-hormones for those who are looking to pack on weight and solid muscle fast with permanent gains!

If you wan’t fast results, highly recommend the gallon of milk diet – GOMAD Diet.

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