Healthy Energy Foods


10 Healthy Energy Foods You Should Consider

Even if you’re counting calories and doing your best to be healthy, you might be finding that you just don’t have a lot of energy. A big reason for this could be the actual foods you’re consuming, especially if they are processed. Fortunately, there are plenty of foods out there you can eat in order to have more energy, and they can make you feel better. By eating more of these healthy energy foods listed below, you will notice a difference with the way you feel.


Blueberries is a healthy energy food1. Blueberries:

If you need mental energy because your head is foggy, then eat a cup of blueberries. These are packed full of antioxidants that actually increase mental function and kill fat. They are also high in other vitamins that help make you healthier and lose weight.

2. Edamame:

This delicious green vegetable is packed full of different nutrients and will keep you full from all the fiber that’s in it as well. In addition to this, it is high in protein and b-vitamins, which give you a lot of energy! These taste great in a number of different recipes, so they are easy to fit in with your everyday meals.

3. Water:

Although this may not be a food, it’s a beverage that is absolutely essential for you! In addition to helping your body function properly, it also gives you a lot of energy. This is because when your body is dehydrated, even just a little bit, you will start to feel a decrease in energy as well as mental functions. So, drinking some water may be just the energy boost you are looking for. Try to drink enough water throughout the day so that you’re never thirsty. After all, by the time you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated.

4. Spinach:

Spinach is high in folate, which is a B-vitamin that provides the body with energy. In addition to this, it’s high in nutrients and very low in calories. So, if you want energy that won’t cause you to gain weight, eat spinach like Popeye does!

5. Lentils:

Lentils are a great choice if you’re looking for a high-protein vegetarian food. What’s great about them is that they digest slowly in your body and will give you a lot of energy that lasts you for a long period of time. They also have a lot of fiber and no fat, so they are ideal for dieters.

watermelons are healthy energy foods6. Melons:

If you’re a fan of melons, then start eating them more often! Honeydew, watermelon and cantaloupe are healthy energy foods because they are packed with vitamins and minerals that give you a boost, and they are also made up of mostly water! So, these will hydrate and energize you whenever you need a quick boost during the day.

7. Coffee:

Coffee may get a bad reputation, but if you drink only a minimal amount and consume water with it, you will be able to benefit from the energy you can give it! Only drink a small cup per day and you will have more energy that keeps you going for a short amount of time. Just make sure you don’t drink it throughout the day, as too much coffee can cause you to feel anxious and lightheaded.

8. Sweet Potatoes:

This is a great source of carbohydrates that won’t cause spikes in your blood sugar. In fact, these potatoes are complex carbohydrates that actually make you feel full while helping give you energy! They are also high in vitamin B6, fiber and folate, so they are good for you all around.

9. Grass-Fed Beef:

If you don’t want to give up red meat just because you’re eating healthier, then consider switching to grass-fed beef instead of regular. This type of meat has a lot more nutrients in it because it’s fed with only grass, not grains. So, you get, on average, over three times more omega-3 fats and four times more vitamin E! In addition, grass-fed meat has less saturated fat and cholesterol, and is a high quality protein that will leave you feeling energetic. This is going to cost more, but it will be worth it when you feel so much better!

10. Almonds:

This nut is great for energy because it is high in protein and healthy fats. It doesn’t have a negative effect on your blood sugar levels either, which means it is great for individuals with diabetes.

Before you reach for that energy drink, try eating one of these healthy energy foods for a change. They are great for your body and can provide you with natural energy that won’t make you crash later on in the day. Even better, they taste great and will help make you feel full!

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