Lose weight in an amazing way with the chocolate diet!


If you want to lose weight without giving up on your favorite sweets, then you can choose the chocolate diet! Nutritionists recommend this diet to people who love to eat chocolate, who are healthy and who don’t suffer from kidney stones or gravel, as well as from any hepatic disease.

The chocolate diet cannot be used by those who suffer from arterial hypertension, or else they could aggravate their disease. Also, nutritionists want those who want to lose weight not to exaggerate when it comes to eating chocolate, as they need to try this diet only for one week; if the period is prolonged, then one can affect his/her liver.

The chocolate diet helps you lose 6 kilograms in 7 days:

  • During the day, you can eat just 80-90 g of chocolate or two 40-g chocolate bars.
  • After eating the chocolate, you can eat a cup of black coffee without sugar or milk or with low-fat milk.
  • The classic chocolate diet involves eating 30 g of chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This needs to be black and have no additives (no raisins, or nuts, so read the label before) and one cup of black coffee without sugar.
  • You should not drink water immediately after eating, but only after at least one hour. If the sensation of thirst is intense, you can have a cup of coffee without sugar, but nothing else.
  • Do not drink juices, mineral water or soda as they can contribute to increasing your appetite.
  • For hydration, drink 1,5-2 l of water per day.
  • Alcohol is forbidden, even in small quantities.
  • By consuming chocolate, you get to have a monotonous alimentation that leads to a reduced appetite, so you should mostly eat vegetables and foods with few calories.
  • The food is served in dark plates – green or blue – as they help reduce appetite and relax the nervous system.
  • Aliments are not to be mixed. Thus, if you choose meat, eggs, fish etc, stop eating rice or pasta. For meat, you can use a vegetable garnish, but without potatoes.
  • For salads, use very little olive oil, lemon juice and soy sauce without fats.
  • If you prefer pasta, choose macaroni, spaghetti and noodles, but in a small quantity.
  • Between meals, you can have a fruit as a snack – an apple or an orange. Fruits are always consumed two hours after the meal.
  • Those who want to eat popcorn need to prepare them without oil, salt or sugar.
  • It is recommended to exclude bread.
  • When it comes to vegetables and fruits, never eat bananas, grapes and potatoes. You should eat vegetables like spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, tomatoes, asparagus and peppers.
  • The indicated meat is white, without fat, which is boiled or grilled without any oil.
  • Never eat white chocolate, but black one, preferably with a lot of cocoa. If you choose white chocolate, you can increase your chances of getting diabetes, as this does not improve the metabolism like black chocolate.
  • The first results of the chocolate diet appear three days after beginning it.
  • In comparison with other diets, the calories value will be quite small, of about 440 kcal.
  • Those how try this diet will not feel full during this time.
  • The diet is used for 7 days followed by a break and can be repeated if one wants to.

Example of a menu for the chocolate diet:

  • Breakfast: a fruits salad (apples, oranges, pears, kiwi, raspberries, strawberries), 30 g chocolate with popcorn and a black coffee without sugar.
  • Lunch: pasta with pieces of white meat and tomato sauce, vegetable salad with lemon juice, 30 g chocolate, a fruit, plus a cup of black coffee with a little degreased milk and no sugar.
  • Dinner: pasta with a little meat, tomato sauce, vegetable salad, a fruit, 30 g chocolate.

Those who tried the chocolate diet said that they lost weight very fast, felt better and even enjoyed eating chocolate. A little chocolate every day or a 40 g bar can give some extra energy and a better mood.

Disadvantages of the chocolate diet:

  • The diet cannot be tried by people who are allergic to chocolate.
  • It can lead to metabolic misbalances.
  • In some people, it can affect the heart, especially in people who don’t respond well to drinking coffee.
  • In the first phase, the diet can lead to a state of tiredness before losing weight.
  • Those who want to try the chocolate diet should consult a nutritionist before, so as not to have health problems.

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