Low Calorie Snacks


Low calorie snacks without the guilt.

One mistake that a lot of people make when they are dieting is restricting their calories too much. If you are tired of not snacking and want to actually eat something, then do it! There are a lot of low calorie snacks that you can indulge in without any guilt. Don’t deprive yourself of snacking when it’s something you don’t have to do. You can easily enjoy a variety of different foods throughout the day that satisfy your cravings and keep you full. Below are some of the best snacks and how many calories you’ll have to count for each of them.

1. Hard Boiled Egg – 70 calories:low calorie snacks include boiled eggs

This is a protein packed snack that you can store in your lunchbox or just keep in your fridge when you want something to munch on. If you don’t like eating the yolk, then the calorie count will go down to only 20 calories for the egg white. If you want to change the taste of this, then sprinkle on a little bit of hot sauce.

2. Special K Chips – 130 calories:

These chips come in a variety of different flavors, and are ultra low in calories. A serving is a whopping 27 chips (depending on the flavor), so you can enjoy them all day long.

3. Greek Yogurt – 80 calories:

There are now tons of flavors of Greek yogurt that you can pick up at your local grocery store, and some are actually 80 calories per serving. This should fill you up for a long time, so eat it as a snack in the morning or even as dessert if you’re craving something sweet.

4. Protein Shake – 120 calories:

Pick up a sweet flavor of protein powder for only 100 calories per scoop, and mix it with some almond milk and ice. This will give you a filling drink that is a great snack, but it could also be a meal replacement. These are drinks that are low in calories, so if you want to add in more, then go with frozen fruit or even some Mio water flavoring.

5. Kale Chips – 30 calories:

You can bake these low calorie snacks in your very own oven at home with just a little bit of sea salt and olive oil. One serving is only 30 calories, so you can enjoy the crunch without feeling like you’re going to gain 10 pounds.

6. Guacamole and Peppers – 130 calories:

1/4 of a cup of natural guacamole is only 50 calories, and slices of peppers are just a few calories each. The best part about this snack, other than the flavor, is how great both peppers and guacamole are for your health.

7. South Beach Protein Bar – 120 calories:

South Beach protein bars are low in calories and they actually do taste great. They can easily become your replacements for regular desserts, and can satisfy any sweet tooth craving that you have.

8. Pickles – 5 calories:

Pickles are the ultimate snack because they satisfy a salt craving and they are crunchy and delicious. Just make sure you drink a lot of water when you eat these, because they do have a lot of sodium in them.

9. Green Beans – 60 calories:green beans for low calorie snacks

Take some fresh green beans and sauté them with a little bit of olive oil until they are crispy and golden brown. Once this is done, mix them with some ginger, garlic powder and soy sauce. This tastes great, and can work as a snack or even dinner if you enjoy with a protein such as chicken or tofu.

10. Veggie Burger – 100 calories:

There are a lot of different flavors of veggie burgers that you can choose from at the grocery store, and the majority of them are 100 calories or less. You can cut this up and put it on a salad, or even eat it on a low carb wrap. If you want more of a sandwich, then wrap it in some lettuce and enjoy with dijon mustard.

11. Fudge Pops – 100 calories:

If you want something sweet, then fudge pops are the perfect choice. They are low in calories, relatively low in sugar and will satisfy your sweet craving so you don’t go overboard and eat an entire cake.

Next time you’re craving a snack, reach for any of these low calorie snacks that are incredibly easy to prepare and enjoy! They are great alternatives from the more greasy snacks, which are high in calories that you might find in vending machines.  Try something new every day of the week and you’ll never get bored of snacking again.

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