Low Carb Diet Foods: What To Eat and What To Avoid


When you are having a diet program, it is essential to get to know everything about that program.

Among the things that you have to know would be the foods that you can eat and the foods which you cannot eat.

One of the highly popular diet programs is the low carb diet in which there are many things related to it to know in purpose of achieving the best outcome of it.

It is possible that you have a thought to do this kind of diet soon enough so that you have to understand everything about it first.

Foods Guides for Low Carb Diet Program

These are the list of low carb diet foods which you have to pay attention to in relation to your low carb diet in order to get the best end result of the diet itself.

#1. Low Carb Breakfast

Among the most important things to know when it comes to the foods for breakfast within your low carb diet is the fact that eggs are your friends.

They do not give you high level of carbohydrate intake so that they are great for your breakfast.

Moreover they offer extra fat along with some essential nutrition for your body.

Just be sure that you know how to get the best out of them.

There are some variations of recipe that you could incorporate if you want to have eggs in your low carb breakfast.

Scrambled eggs, omelets, baked eggs, and even smoothies are all included in the variations of egg recipe that will help you elevate the taste of them right away.

Just make sure to be really creative with eggs to get the best taste of them.

Furthermore you may also consider coconut flour that can be used to make pancakes, muffins, and even waffles.

Those are common menus for breakfast, right?

This particular flour is low on carb so it is perfectly suitable for your diet of low carb.

#2. Low Carb Lunch

Meanwhile if you are having a low carb diet surely you cannot take anything for you lunch. You have to think about the carbohydrate level at first.Lunch is an essential part in the day-to-day eating pattern in which everyone will have to get their lunch to be able to continue their daily routines.

One surprising thing is the leftovers will make it easier for you to have your lunch.

You should cook separately the meat and vegetables for your dinner then store them separately as well.

Just put them together when you have the dinner itself.

Do this every day and after several days you will have a lot of choices of leftovers which can be combined with different sauces to get new meals every day.

Salads are also good choices to adopt for your lunch that is appropriate for your low carb diet.

Moreover making salads is easy since you can put almost any vegetable that you find there in which it will still be healthy for you and of course low on carb.

#3. Low Carb Dinner

Now the most important part in your day-to-day eating is dinner.

You should maintain your low carb diet by replacing rice with grated cauliflower.

The thing is that cauliflower cooks in a quicker period of time and it has almost no Carbs at all compared to rice.

One more important thing is that cauliflower serves really well to replace rice in almost all of the recipes for dinner with rice.

Regarding the pasta you should consume only the sauce.

That is the thing which makes pasta delicious.

Yet instead of pouring the sauce on pasta, you have to pour it on meat and veggies that you have for dinner.

This will bring your dinner into a completely healthy one by skipping pasta.

If you love tacos, burritos, fajitas, and everything else using tortilla, simply consume the fillings without the tortilla as if you are skipping the pasta.

If you still want to consume pasta in your dinner, look for pasta made of vegetables.

Mushroom pasta and seaweed pasta could be your best choices in which they are available in Asian markets commonly.

On the other hand there is also an alternative of pizzas.

You can create a kind of soup with all kinds of pizza toppings and its sauce without the pizza base in which the Carbs are a lot there.

#4. Low Carb Snacks

Snacking is not a thing that you cannot do in this diet.

You can still consume snacks as long as they are healthy according to the low carb diet program.

Having the snacks in a protein-rich recipe is a good idea such as boiled eggs or slices of hard cheese.

They have no carbs but rich on proteins which is good for your health and the diet itself.

You may also look for snacks in other cultures such as Asian in which there are many options of snacks that are inexpensive and considered to be nutrient-dense.

If you have the time, you should probably fry your own snacks such as frying cheese in coconut oil or bacon grease.

Now you know that having low carb diet does not mean that you cannot eat snacks.

More Things to Know on Low Carb Diet Foods

In maximizing the result of the diet you should stick only to real foods.So now you find out that the foods to eat when you are on this low carb diet should be given more attention.

Avoid purchasing alternatives especially those that are in packages such as bars.

They will remain to be unhealthy foods for you.

There are many sources where you can get various recipes to alter those healthy foods into more delicious foods which you will really love to consume.

There are even substitutes for milk if you find out that raw milk is having too much carbohydrate for your low carb diet.

So, clearly if you really want to be successful in low carb diet program, you have all things to know for now.

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