Low Fat Foods


Low fat foods to include in your diet.

While eating healthy fats are important to have, too much it can result in weight gain. In order to keep your daily diet balanced, low fat foods are always going to be a must. These foods can help you stay full, satisfied and comfortable so that you can continue eating healthy without an issue! Try out the different foods and recipes below and you’ll be sure to find something that you like. What’s even better is that you can adjust any recipe to your specific dietary needs, but just make sure to watch out for the fat content.

1. Broccoli -.3 grams:

Broccoli is a wonderful food that you should be eating more of on a daily basis because it’s an ideal vegetable for losing weight. It has a lot of vitamins, and is super low in fat. In fact, it only has .3 grams of fat for 1 cup chopped (in addition to only 31 calories). Need a recipe to make this veggie more enjoyable? Heat your oven up to 450 degrees and cut your broccoli into small pieces. Take a cookie sheet and spray it with olive oil spray, and then put your broccoli in a bowl. Mix it with some dry ranch mix and then spread on the cookie before baking for 20 minutes. Turn the broccoli and then bake for another 20 minutes before eating!

2. Fat-Free Yogurt- 0 grams:

If you need a quick snack to take to lunch or a healthy breakfast, then fat-free yogurt is just what you need. It’s available in a wide variety of flavors and is generally only 100 calories or less. What’s even better is that this will fill you up, so you are not tempted to eat more throughout the rest of the day.

3. Cheerios – 1.5 grams:

Sometimes cereal in the morning is just what you need to get started, and it’s not necessarily something you have to feel guilty about. While there are a lot of sugar-laden options you could eat, why not go for a bowl of Cheerios? This is only 1.5 grams of fat per serving along with 110 calories. It’s especially healthy if you serve with almond milk rather than regular full-fat milk.

4. Pickles – 0 grams:

Pickles are low fat foods that are ideal for a healthy snack.  Just make sure you’re drinking a lot of water while you’re eating them because of their high sodium content. Because these have 0 grams of fat, they are perfect for a low-fat diet and can be a great alternative to something like chips when you want something salty.

5. Frozen Yogurt – .5 grams:

Need something to eat for dessert? Frozen yogurt is a great option because it’s only .5 grams of fat per half cup, along with 114 calories. Just keep in mind that if you plan on putting toppings on your delicious yogurt, you’re going to have to account for the fat content in those. It’s best to stick with minimal toppings so you just get the flavor of them rather than all the calories and fat that they come with.  Fresh blueberries or strawberries would be an ideal choice for this low calorie treat!

6. Fig Newton – 2 grams:

If you want to snack on a cookie, then reach for Fig Newtons rather than an Oreo. These have 110 calories and 2 grams of fat per a two cookie serving. There are many different flavors of these available now, so you can chose whichever seems to be the most flavorful!

7. Egg Wrap – 2 grams:

Whip up one low-carb wrap with a 3 tbsp serving of Egg Beaters and you’ll have a filling low-fat breakfast. The tortilla is the main source of fat, as it has 2 grams (depending on the brand you choose). The Egg Beaters is fat free, so you don’t have to worry about fat content in it.

8. Air Popped Popcorn – .36 grams:

If you enjoy snacking, then an air popper is a great investment to take advantage of. It’s affordable and it will be able to take the place of those bags of popcorn that are packed with dangerous chemicals. A 1 cup serving of air popped popcorn is only 31 calories and .36 grams of fat, so it’s a snack you won’t have to feel guilty about. It also has plenty of fiber in it so it can help make you feel full. If you want to add additional flavor, then sprinkle on some garlic salt or any other seasonings you have in your pantry already!

Any of these low fat foods can help you cut down on the fat without making you feel deprived. Try eating more of them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even your snacks! You might be surprised how easy it is to eat less fat when you’ve got foods like these that you can go to in an instant.

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