My Top 10 List Of Healthiest Foods


This top 10 list of healthiest foods that I have compiled is one that
I put a lot of thought into. There are hundreds of foods that are
incredibly beneficial to your health so it was quite difficult to
narrow it down to just 10. What I came up with were items that all
have healing tendencies and can be used as natural remedies in one way
or another. From problems with nausea, indigestion, heart burn and
inflammation the properties in these special foods can truly help
manage these bothersome symptoms. Every single item on the list I try
to have in my kitchen at all times. The items are not only healing but
also versatile and easy to incorporate on a daily basis!

So here they are listed and highlighted so one can see the goodness
that consuming them does for the body:




This vegetable is a form of cabbage and seems to be getting
more and more popular by the minute and for great reason. People are
starting to realize that spinach isn’t the only green veggie providing
nutrient richness and delicious flavor. In fact, there is really
nothing that kale isn’t good for and that’s why it’s always at the top
of my list. As one of the most well rounded vegetables as far as
nutritional density it has always been a favorite of mine and I’m so
glad it’s finally getting the notoriety it deserves. I love to cook
with it and also regularly put it in my daily green smoothie to kick
start my day with a power punch.

-Low Calorie
-No Fat
-High in Iron which is good for cardiovascular purposes and lowers cholesterol
-High in Vitamin K for supporting good bone health and antioxidant activity
-High in Cancer Fighting Antioxidants
-High in Calcium
-Full of Fiber and Sulfur which are great for Detoxing and keeping Liver Healthy
-Abundant in 2 Carotenoids that prevents damage to eyes from ultraviolet rays

2. Ginger –




This is a root that can be consumed as a delicacy, a
medicine or a spice. This indigenous spice comes from Northern China
and is another wonderful food to keep in your repertoire. I love to
use it for my tea by grating it and sprinkling it on top and also skin
it and put it in my smoothies for the anti inflammatory properties.
You can also make a paste and cook with it to add a bold zest flavor
to any meal. This herb is one of the best in aiding with stomach pains
such as nausea and indigestion. Hence, the popularity of the soft
drink ginger ale when you are sick… use the fresh stuff, it works so
much better! Chronic inflammation can also be controlled with this
wondrous root.

-Increases saliva and other digestive fluids to alleviate indigestion
and flatulence
-Relieves nausea and motion sickness (safe for pregnant women)
-Anti inflammatory properties that relieve swelling and pain
-As a tea can ease headaches and sore throats
-Can help with individuals who experience loss of appetite
-Regular consumption can help regulate blood pressure
-Can help alleviate symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection and bronchitis

3. Quinoa –




It is actually a seed of the
goosefoot native species that comes from Bolivia, Colombia, Chile,
Peru and parts of Mexico. It is commonly prepared as a grain, like
rice and barley for example. This super grain dates back to 4,000
years ago when the Incas discovered it. Now it’s more popular than
ever and people are realizing the amount of nutritional value it has.
I’m cooking with quinoa more than ever, trying to substitute it for
rice any chance I get. You make it exactly like you would any type of
rice (2 Cups of Water per Cup of Quinoa) and it’s absolutely
delicious. Make it as a side dish and add nuts, cranberries, seeds to
really give it a complete health boost. You can also make it as a cold
salad that is absolutely refreshing and delicious.

-High in protein
-It’s alkaline forming which reduces inflammation
-It’s a low calorie option – only about 170 calories per serving
-It has more vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants than any other grain
-Promotes healthy blood sugar levels
-It is high in dietary fiber which helps aid in digestion
-It is known as being an energizing food providing stamina, strength
and muscle recovery
-Rich in magnesium

4. Lemon –




This citrus fruit is fragrant and acidic and has been known
for it’s therapeutic benefits for generations. The juice from lemon is
used for many different purposes. Drink a nice cold lemonade and
reduce your body temperature instantly, or for a cold day drink some
hot tea and add a squeeze of lemon for added benefits. It is really a
versatile fruit that can be used for so many things. I love to squeeze
lemon on my salad or incorporate it with my cooking dressings and
marinades because the acidic flavor gives it a nice citric zest. Not
to mention that lemon is great for aesthetic benefits such as skin and
hair too. It has natural antiseptic properties that are wonderful for
burns and scars as well as clearing acne and getting rid of those
dreaded blackheads. When you are sick with the common cold or a throat
ache make sure you have some lemon on hand to help with alleviating
symptoms. Use it in a tea with honey and it works wonders. Lemon has
always had a good reputation and continues to power on as one of
natures most valuable foods.

-A very low glycemic fruit with no saturated fats or cholesterol but
rich in dietary fiber
-Excellent source of vitamin C
-Contains healthy amounts of minerals like iron, potassium, copper and calcium
-High amounts of phytochemicals [[DEFINE]] -Known to flush out toxins and eliminate them from the body
-Helps balance the pH levels of the body
-Helps balance oxygen and calcium levels in the liver
-Good for eye health
-Can replenish body salts after a good and strenuous workout

5. Bananas –



This is one of my very favorite fruits that I eat on a
daily bases. They are probably the most consumed fruit in the American
diet. The most worthy mentions are that they regulate bowels and help
keep you feeling full. A perfect snack anytime, bananas are a great
option. I also use them daily in my breakfast smoothies for added
flavor and a thicker texture. They are also sweet enough to curb the
sweet tooth that so many of us have in a healthy way.

-A banana a day can help support normal heart function
-Contains vitamin A which is vital for good eye health
-High in potassium which helps with decreasing blood pressure
-Provide a wealth of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6,
manganese, vitamin C, -magnesium, and folate
-Bananas are used as a replenishing food especially good when you are
not feeling well
-They contain tryptophan, an amino acid that plays a role in boosting
mood and preserving memory

6. Garlic –

Fresh Onions



This plant, closely related to onion is known for being
pungent in taste and having a very strong smell. It’s a staple when it
comes to cooking and adding flavor for a lot of people. I love cooking
with fresh garlic, I chop it up really fine and throw it in the pan
and saute to give complexity to any dish. Garlic powder and dried
garlic flakes are also good options to use when you are looking for a
shortcut. Very effective and easy way to get a flavor boost in your
meals. For medicinal purposes it has the amazing ability to help our
overall health and improve quality of life.

-Great food to boost your immune system and prevent cold and flu
-Contains high levels of iodine which controls hyperthyroid conditions
-High level of vitamin C
-Garlic releases Allicin which is a natural antibiotic which can treat
fungal and bacterial infections naturally
-Enhances the level of insulin in the blood which helps regulate blood sugar
-Anti-inflammatory properties

7. Beans –




These are legumes that are a vital food source and one of
the world’s oldest cultivated crops. They are packed with protein,
dietary fiber and complex carbs making them very nutritionally dense.
The best part about it is the fact that they are so inexpensive and
versatile! Vegetarians and vegans rely on this super food heavily to
get protein and other nutritional must haves. They are known as
“healthy people’s meat” for this reason. Beans have about the same
amount of calories as grains but about 2 – 4 times more protein. They
may be small in size but their assets in nutrition are very large.
There are so many varieties to choose from that you can never get
bored experimenting with this delightful source. Add them to soups,
salads, make dips and spreads there is so much to be done!

-Lowers cholesterol levels
-Improves blood glucose controls
-Regulates functions of the colon
-Prevents constipation
-Loaded with nutrients such as vitamin B, calcium, potassium, and folate
-Regular consumption lowers the risk of coronary heart disease
-Low in fat

8. Onion –




This is one of the most common vegetables we use and also
have a pungent taste and smell. There are two very common kinds, dry
onion and green onion. The first, comes in a wide variety of sizes,
kinds and flavors while the green onion is less versatile but just as
flavorful. These vegetables are available year round and can be used
countless different ways. Chop them up and add them raw, saute them
for a warm dish, grill them and enjoy the crunch or just use onion
powder as a spice to give almost any food delicious flavor. Scallions
are perfect to slice thin and add to soups, dips and spreads. I would
say that the flavor and the positive aspects of this food far
outweighs the smell it may leave. There’s always mints to solve that

-Contain phytochemicals which improve the working on vitamin C in the
body, giving immune support
-Contain chromium which regulates blood sugar
-Raw onion in particular encourages the production of good cholesterol
-They assist in scavenging and getting rid of free radicals which
reduce the risk of getting ulcers
-Green onions contain high amounts of vitamin A
-Help reduce inflammation and heal infections

9. Broccoli –




This green plant originated in Italy and is in the
cabbage family and is grown for it’s nutritious flower heads. It is
closely related to cauliflower and has the same tree like appearance
with a stem and stalks coming off of them. The ends are the heads
known as the florets which are soft and flowery as opposed to the
stems which are fibrous and crunchy. Broccoli has always had a good
reputation and moms all over the world are heard saying “kids eat your
broccoli” for good reason. The average American eats over 4 pounds of
it a year and I think we should keep that trend going for many years
to come. Another fun fact is that those little leaves that we see that
we usually pluck off are completely edible and actually contain
concentrated amounts of nutrients! Steam it or sautee the broccoli for
a healthy side, or add it to a stir fry or soup. You can also use it
raw for salads or as a healthy snack with hummus as a real treat.

-Very high in vitamin C
-High in vitamin A which assists in fighting cancer
-Great for enhancing detoxification within your body
-The vitamins and minerals in it work to lower oxidative stress in the body
-Improves eye health
-Supports sun damaged skin in repairing itself
-Has a high concentration of sulphoraphane, which is an anti-cancer

10. Berries –



I’m specifically talking about the seedless small and
round varieties that are brightly colored and sweet to the taste. The
most common types are blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and
strawberries. Goji berries are another wonderful option and are
usually found in health food stores. I like to add them on salads or
to my trail mix to mix it up a bit. They have been used in traditional
Chinese medicine for years and are becoming more mainstream now in the
American culture. Berries are best consumed fresh but they have a
short life span, so for those who avoid buying them for this fact
frozen berries are a great option. They are still packed with
phytochemicals and antioxidants even though it may be a tad less
concentrated. Frozen berries are better than no berries at all for
sure. I love to rinse them and eat them fresh out of the box or slice
them to add a little sweet to my salads. It’s the perfect way to get
some sweetness to those taste buds in the absolute most natural way
possible. Berries are also perfect for your breakfast smoothies in the
morning or throw them on some non fat greek yogurt and add some
granola for another hearty breakfast option.

-Regular consumption can help avoid mental decline with age
-High in vitamin C
-Contains rutin, which is a bioflavonoid that promoted vascular health
-Has ellagic acid which is known as a potent agent with anti-viral and
anti- bacterial properties
-High in dietary fiber
-Packed with a vast array of phytonutrients
-Can increase cognitive abilities

So there they are. My top 10 list of the healthiest foods that we
should be consuming on a daily basis. As you can see the benefits are
relentless. They all kind of interconnect with many of the same
qualities but have a unique code of their own. These items should be
at the top of your grocery list whenever possible. They can be used so
many different ways and truly enhance the natural processes of the
body. We all want to feel better, look better and maintain longevity
right? These foods will help you to achieve that goal.

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