Paleo Diet Safe or Not – 3 Scientific Facts


Paleo diet is getting famous day by day. The day is not far behind when the people used to ask the benefits, risks and diet plans of paleo diet. It has never been a continuous diet in the recent centuries. Since paleo diet was introduced in the new era, it has increased its consumers gradually. It has made its home in the food market during last decade and now has become a well known and well used diet program. The market of western countries especially the USA, are getting saturated with the paleo diet posters, brands, products and introductory literature.

Although the paleo diet is attracting the common people, some of the experts, doctors, physicians, health care providers and media are criticizing it on a large scale. They are indicating some medical risks which sometimes look right and sometimes look just a grey criticism. In this article we have pointed out three main factors concerned to paleo diet being criticized. We have clarified these which are being misrepresented.

First Criticism on Paleo Diet

The opponents of the paleo diet say that the human development is a continuous process. We are always under development. Then why stop on a diet of Paleolithic Age?

It is a fact that the humans are under continuous development. We are learning to live with the time. Our body is getting gradual capacity to digest the new coming foods and more often we are leaving the old fashions. In the ancient times a human could not digest the lactose in the adult stages and only the newborns could digest it. Then with the passage of time human body learned the skill to digest lactose in the adult stage. Here the opponents of paleo diet look righteous. But think for a while that how many people can do it right now. Scientific statistics show that only a limited number of adult human beings can digest lactose completely and others still cannot. Moreover the question of allergies from foods like gluten and other grain foods still is answerable. If our bodies are really developing, why people get celiac disease. Once again the answer is “it is restricted to 10% people”. So the development should mean the development of the whole human beings and not a percentage. The foods in the paleo diet are not dragging us back in the past but even after development our bodies may like it, digest it and convert it into our present needs.

Second Criticism on Paleo Diet

This time the red meat is under criticism. The opponents say that it causes heart diseases and Cancer while the paleo diet makes no restrictions to use it.

The opponents plead on the bases of some studies which indicated that the people who eat red meat continuously, there arteries are blocked and they may fell into cardiovascular problems. Following things are noticeable in this regard.

1. Is it a criteria that one thing that is unhealthy in one condition, will be unhealthy in all conditions.

2. If gluten causes celiac, then is it possible for all humans to keep away from wheat?

3. Either the subject people of the studies were considered for other healthy routines like exercises, smoking, alcohol intake, sugar and other processed food consumptions.

In addition the more precise recent studies show that the unprocessed fresh red meat is not involved in heart and cancer problems. A study on more than one million people supported this fact. Many other studies comparing the vegetarians and red meat eaters showed very little or zero link between red meat and heart disease.

Third Criticism on Paleo Diet

The opponents say that paleo diet has no proofs of being healthy and beneficial.

This one can be clarified very easily. A number of historical and scientific statistics show that the paleo diet is healthier than the modern diets. Here are some of these proofs.

1. Analyses of fossil records show that the hunters were healthier and fit when they were fed on paleo diet. There health got a gradual decrease as they start eating cultivated and modern foods.

2. History proves that the people of Paleolithic age were stronger, slim and comparatively free of diseases than those of our modern age. They could perform harder tasks like hunting beasts, cutting heavy woods, climbing mountains and staying hungry for longer times. They caught diseases and weaknesses when they changed their foods from their own paleo to others.

3. Scientific analyses show that the paleo diet is dense in healthy and powerful nutrients.

4. Many clinical surveys provide supporting facts too. The people on paleo are moving towards healthy lifespan with the reduced ratio of allergies, sensitivities, obesity and blood troubles.

We are not fully against the critics. No doubt they too have countless evidences and calculations. Some of their arguments cannot be denied. Our theme is that the paleo diet merely should not be declared responsible for all troubles. The healthy trend is that to analyze your body fact for the perfect diet plan and act upon the doctors’ advice while using paleo diet plan.

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