Benefits Of Citrus Fruit For Health


Do you know the citrus fruit? benefits contained in citrus fruits very much at all. Citrus fruits are also very useful as a nutrient that the body needs all of us. Here is a denomination efficacy and citrus fruits for our health!

1. Preventing cancer
In citrus fruits are rich in limonoids which serves to prevent skin cancer, breast, ususbesar, gastric, and lung – lung.

2. Preventing kidney stones
For those who suffer or are trying to reduce the risk of kidney stone disease, you try to drink juice every day on a regular basis seruk. But keep in mind, drinking orange juice itself not too much because sugar is broken when oranges into juice if you can make a quick teeth cavities, then drink from it as needed.

3. Lowering the risk of liver cancer
According to research from Japan, especially if consuming grapefruit citrus Madain, this can reduce the risk of liver cancer. This is because the amount of vitamin A in the citrus fruit called carotenoids.

4. Could lowering cholesterol
Inside there is plenty of citrus fruit water content, but the fruit was rich in fiber which serves to lower cholesterol.

5. Citrus fruit serves to maintain a healthy heart
In citrus fruits contain potassium which serves to keep the heart rate in order to stay balanced. So by consuming citrus fruits could prevent cardiac disease airtmia or can be called with an irregular heartbeat.

6. Citrus fruit can ward off disease
Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. The citrus fruit consumption may protect cells from free radical attack. so it is not possible, by consuming this fruit can ward off disease in sebakan free radicals.

7. Citrus fruit useless against viral infections
A research proved, in the content of citrus fruits to prove if the levels of polyphenols in these fruits is able to fight viral infections that can invade the body.

8. Citrus fruits are also able to cope with constipation
Fiber is present in citrus fruits not only able to cope for lowering cholesterol, but the fruit is also able to overcome the problem of constipation

9. Citrus fruit is able to nourish the eye
Not just any carrots, citrus fruits contain the carotenoid components are converted into vitamin A, which is like a carrot. If mengkonsusmis this fruit regularly, then it is not possible eye health will remain intact.

10. Citrus fruit can memngontrol blood pressure in the body
flavonoids contained in citrus fruits is used to control blood pressure in our bodies to remain stable.

11. Citrus fruits help protect skin
Beta-carotene in orange fruit is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from damage. In addition, these compounds also protect skin from signs of aging.

12. Citrus fruit can neutralize the acidity of the body
Citrus fruit is acidic before consumption, but the citrus fruit is able to balance the acidity levels in the body.

13. Citrus fruits also contain healthy carbohydrates
Citrus fruits are also similar to other fruits, contain sugar. But this fruit is the privilege level of the index gilkemik in it which amounted to only40. Amount is relatively low. So that citrus fruits are a healthy source of carbohydrates that will not increase the weight or blood sugar levels.

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