The Fundamental Conditions for any Fat Loss Diet Attempt


Read these, print it out, stick it on your fridge to remind yourself about them everytime you try to reach for the cookies.

I’ve heard this a lot. The person will rant on about needing to lose fat, saying its so difficult, talking about eating so little and not seeing it happen…..rant rant rant.

However, fat loss fundamentally boils down to these 5 principles. I think they call for a little Elaboration. (Don’t worry it’s still short and easy to remember)

1. Eat Less than you expend

Straightforward, Eat less and move more. The article “Basics of Nutrition” gives you a few online calorie requirement estimators. But those are just estimates.Basically, you eat less than what those estimators say, usually about 500 calories a day less to get 1 pound of fat loss per week, and hope for the best.

However, this is still an estimate, and real world results will vary. YMMV, and thus I detail a better method, one that doesn’t involve counting calories.

2. Sufficient Protein

Nothing more needs to be said. Eat enough protein.

Two main benefits, Protein tends to be the most satisfying nutrient for the amount of calories versus fat or protein, meaning that you don’t have hunger pangs while eating less. Second, higher protein diets tend to spare muscle more so than lower protein diets. This means you lose fat rather than muscle on a caloric deficit, and I’m sure everyone would rather lose fat than muscle.

3. Resistance Training

Same effect as protein in that caloric deficit + no training = muscle loss.

Let’s think of it this way. Your body wants you to survive. If there is no training stimulus present, you’re telling you’re body that the muscle on your body is unnecessary. When you don’t eat enough (which is necessary if you ever want to lose fat), then your body pulls energy from all available tissue. Since you’re not using your muscle, your body will pull some energy from muscle.

This can be prevented pretty effectively with resistance training. Other benefits are detailed in the article “The Need for Resistance Training”. Basically, resistance training prevents muscle loss.

4. Enough Water

There isn’t exactly a clear amount of water that you actually absolutely need. But a good guideline is to drink enough to have at least 5 clear urinations a day.

If in doubt, get at least 3-4 litres or water a day.

More is always better than less, and it probably takes 15 litres of water a day to possibly get into any problems. You actually find that the body gets rid of water pretty well.

The need for water is probably common-sensical. Your body is 70% water, and every single biological process occurs in it. In a dehydrated state, these process are halted or made less efficient, that includes the fat burning pathways.

5. EFAs

Essential Fatty Acids may not be absolutely necessary, but definitely have many benefits, including better partitioning, keeping fat loss pathways active, and a whole host of other benefits.

The 2 EFAs you’re interested in are EPA and DHA. (google them for full names if you want)

Good sources involve fatty fish, but the most convenient way is certainly through taking generic fish oil tablets. Generally you want to take 6g total fish oil every day, including 1.02g of EPA and 0.72g of DHA. (often written in mg)

The asterisk is there because this is not really absolutely necessary, but is a great aid and is highly recommended.


Follow the rules and success is guaranteed!

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