10 Fun Ways To Instantly Reduce Anxiety Levels



We all have moments of anxiousness from time to time, but for some people those occasions are more often than not, and sometimes severe enough to affect their everyday livelihood. No matter which of these anxiety levels you face, reducing them now can greatly improve your life and reduce the risk of health problems. While seeking the help of a medical professional is always a good idea, there are also a number of fun, easy, and simple methods of reducing your anxiety levels at home – no doctor needed. Take a look at 10 of the best.

1. Dance the night away


Put on your iPod or turn the radio to your favorite station, forget your age and lose yourself in the music, embracing every single sound that you hear, and dancing until you can’t dance anymore. Dancing is an excellent stress reliever, and it helps you burn a few extra calories!

2. Take a Drive


Removing yourself from the issue causing your anxiety is great for reducing the stress that you feel. What better way than to take a scenic drive and enjoy all of the beauty and splendor you’ll discover along the way as you clear your mind and start anew?

3. Play with your Pet


Animals are very special to humans and provide a love and compassion that we simply cannot provide one another. Animals, such as cats and dogs, quickly become a huge part of our lives. Just one look into a pair of pretty puppy dog eyes is enough to melt your heart, just as you’ll forget all of your worries with the gentle rub from your kitty.

4. Watch a Comedy


Whether a movie or stand-up performance, when you laugh, you forget your stress and envelope yourself into a whole new world. Whoever it is that makes you laugh, put them on the screen when anxiety seems to be getting the best of you.

5. Go to the Spa


Men and women both can enjoy a great, relaxing day at the spa which will melt all of the stress away. You can choose from an array of spa services which include massage, manicures, pedicures, steam rooms, shaving and waxing, saunas, hair coloring and more. These gentle treatments would make you feel relaxed and calm. You will feel free of anxious thoughts and tension causing feelings and it will alleviate your mood disturbances.

6. Meditate


Meditation has long been practiced for its relaxation therapy and while it might take a short amount of time to ‘get the hang of it,’ once you are able to meditate you will wonder how you ever made it through life without this. Meditation provides you much needed relaxation and rejuvenation with a clear mind. And, it’s fast and easy!

7. Ride a Bike


No one there to bother you, no care in the world. And, it’s fantastic exercise! Though sometimes you think why you should ride a bike when you are in a tense situation. You may think that it would be a harmful act as you may not be able to concentrate while riding. But it’s true, when you ride you will be focusing on the road, the speed the exciting experience to ride and you will forget about what made you feel terrible a few minutes ago.

8. Pamper Yourself


As with the other anxiety relievers listed here, pampering yourself is one that has multiple benefits for you. When you fix your hair, paint your nails, workout or go to the tanning bed you’re pampering yourself, giving your self more confidence and building your self-esteem. Plus, you can chill out!

9. Read a Book


Sometimes it takes nothing more than slipping away from reality into someone else’s life that takes your headache and stress away. Read a book and take yourself away.

10. Play


Whether it is with the kids, with your spouse or on a team, play a game, a sport – as long as you are laughing and having fun!

Though, you might not notice a special feel in all these tactics, but the secret of getting the actual pleasure would come when you apply them in reality. The key to get relaxed and experience pleasure is to avoid getting indulged into the negative feelings and divert your attention towards more positive, recreational and fun activities that bring pleasure and happiness. The only need is to have the will power to be happy, and rest of the process is easy!

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