10 Tips to improve your concentration


Concentration may be defined as “the mental ability to direct one’s thinking in any direction one would aim”.

We all have the capability to focus some of the time about something. But it doesn’t persist for a long time. Our thoughts become scattered, and our minds chase from one thing to another. To deal with such period, we have to learn and practice concentration skills and strategies to improve it. Our ability to concentrate on any task or job depends on enthusiasm for the task, skill at doing the task, our emotional and physical state and surrounding environment.

Concentration span is the time we can concentrate on a specific task or job before our thoughts scattered. Being concentrated is very important to succeed in any job and task. Students need good result and an employee wants to provide good service and gain success. Every person wants to be successful. But all goes wrong and delayed. Because, our concentration for anything is not persistent. So, it is very important to improve your concentration to be successful.

Are you feeling the same way? Let’s try to get rid of these problems. Here is ten ways to be more focused and improve concentration.

  1. Set a target and be aimed to improve your concentration:

Without an aim you can’t be successful. At first you have to think you have to do it, you can do it and you will do it ant this is the firs step to improve your concentration.

  1. Be motivated by others:

What you think about your concentration during watching an action movie or doing your favorite work? Time passes; your concentration remains strong all the time.

Look other students and coworkers who are doing well. Most of them are patient and attentive to their job and getting success. Why you cannot be attentive? Be motivated by them. Try to believe yourself and set an aim to improve your concentration and focus.

  1. Set your surroundings:

If you are feeling disturbing about anything of your surrounding environment you can rearrange them.

–          If possible choose a quiet place to do your job or study. Surrounding sounds or situations may stimulate your sensory impulses and your mind may be distracted and your concentration will impaired and you can not improve it.

–          Use comfortable furniture.

–          Avoid all types of substances irritating to you.

–          Stay calm.

  1. Be strict on a single task:

During any work don’t think about the others. For example, if you are studying at evening and trying to concentrate, a thought came that you will have to buy something or have to do other work in the next morning. Your brain distracted and it starts to plan how you will do it.

So, every time your brain finds a new thought, you have to tell your brain that it can be postponed and current work is more important at present. Thus you can gradually improve your concentration.

A human brain has ability to arrange a ‘to do’ list according to its importance. There are many sounds produced in a road. Many people and vehicles are producing different meaningful and meaningless sounds. But, your brain catches which one is necessary for you. It is the excellent ability of a human brain; arranging and setting things according to their importance. So be focused on your current job.

Still your brain plying with it? Make a ‘to do’ list. Write down your next morning plan. Now tell your brain, “you don’t have to be worried. I set a reminder for you.” To improve your focus and concentration on a particular job it will act very strongly.

  1. Avoid postponing:

Think about your task, improve your concentration. What will happen if you postponed it? It will not be easier or shorter if you postponed. Be focused. Try to complete the task.

  1. Stretch your mind!:

Don’t be surprised. Yes, try to stress your mind. Every time your mind wants to stop the task, you try to do it 15 minutes more. After 15 minutes, again set your mind for next 15 minutes. It is a good way to improve concentration and doing the task for a longer time.

It is like a body building exercise. Bodybuilders gain their strong musculature by doing the same thing repeatedly. Your brain also can be stretched in that mean. Push the part of exhaustion of your brain for next 15 minute.

  1. Take a break:

Don’t do a job more than 2 hours without any break. Have a little walk. Have some chit chats with family members or coworkers. It will refresh your mind and help you to improve concentration.

Again be concentrated for your job after 3- 5 minutes.

  1. Meditation:

Take some meditation lesion. It will teach you how to be concentrated and focused. Learn few easy meditation techniques. Practice them daily, at least for 10-15 minutes to improve concentration.

During meditation watch your breath. Don’t try to correct or reorganize it. Just give a focus on it. It will teach you to be focused and improve concentration on one thing.

You can take a 5 minute meditation session during your work. After few hours of work 5 minute relaxation technique will refresh you. For being meditated it is not so important to have your meditation room or a specific place and clothing.

  1. Change your life style:

–          Take some exercise daily. At least for half an hour. Fast walking or jogging in a fresh morning environment will increase the oxygen supply in your brain and will improve your concentration and memory.

–          Try to eat a healthy diet. Abdominal discomfort disease dependent on life style like obesity, hypertension, heart disease, peptic ulcer disease etc. may impair your concentration during a task.

–          Sleep well. Be strict on a 7-8 hour regular sleep routine. Sleep disturbance may cause mental and emotional changes and impair your focus.

  1. Concentration exercise:

There are some concentration increasing exercises to improve it, such as-

–          Sitting still in a chair for a certain period

–          Fix gazes on fingers

–          Concentrate on sense of smell

–          Talking before a glass etc.

But if you practice meditation regularly, it will be more effective to improve concentration.

These are some ways to be more focused and improve concentration on a job or a task. A human brain is a puzzle. But you can control it with your strong motivation.

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