9 Tips to Manage School Stress of Child


The school stress occasionally wanders around kids. A child is often fixed in school works and home works. Regular classes, continual test, exams pressure, teachers’ harassments, parents’ advices and extracurricular responsibilities may make a child stressed. They often refuse to attend school or go to school with stressed mind. Recent surveys made on the children’s behavior about school revealed that a large number of children are under school stress. The parents often find it hard to satisfy them about school attendance and fail to manage their stress. We have recommended here some special habits and manners which will enable you to deal with your child’s school stress.

Know what is Stress?

First you will have to know that what the stress is and what are its symptoms. By definition stress is a condition of mental tension, emotional strain or pressure as a result of unfavorable, unwanted or very difficult situations. In stress a person gets confused, strained, irritated and aggressive in the common and usual conditions.

In case of a child, first thing is to see what the real problem is. Why the child is adopting a special behavior. Manage to meet teachers and classmates to know either your child is really under stress or there is some other personal problem. If you find no particular reasons but your child has following symptoms, he or she may have stress.

Symptoms of Stress in Children

Dr. Adele Cadieux, a pediatric psychologist at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids – Mich and some other psychologists say that a child having school stress

  • May show annoyance on common things
  • May quarrel and weep more than usual
  • May not attend the after school activities
  • Shows hesitation and doubts
  • Starts self talking in negative manners
  • Makes excuses of having a disease or disorder
  • Faces irregular sleep and lesser food intakes
  • Intentionally gets late in preparation for school
  • Often refuses to go to school

If you find these symptoms in your child you should be ready to manage the stress of your child. In the light of experts’ opinions after an online survey, we have selected following 9 disciplines or you can say habits which will help you deal with the stress of your child.

1. Avoid Criticism

Lori Lite Wrote a book titled – Stress Free Kids. In the book she has provided guiding principle for the parents to deal with their child’s stress. She recommends that when the child is suffering from stress, none should criticize his conversations, activities and behavior. The parents should adopt a positive and cool method of dealing with stressed child. They should attend his personality and talk with his teachers to analyze, monitor and manage his stressed attitude.

2. Track Behavior changes

When you are managing his stress, constantly note the changes in child’s behavior. Never hesitate to consult school staff and his companions. It will help you evaluate what is best and what is bad to reduce his stress symptoms.

3. Stress Managing Exercises

Let your child do the commonly known stress reducing exercises. Ask him to deep breath and play some muscle empowering games. Do not direct or order him harshly, but simply prepare him to do it in peaceful and calm words.

4. Proper Sleeping

An extra sleep is better for the stress treatment. Both the adults and children with stress show decrease in stress symptoms if they are left to sleep for long time. Do not disturb him during sleep and make him hurry to bed in the early night.

5. Restrict Electronics Usage

The odds show that the people, who use technology excessively, are more likely to have stress. Besides this an already sufferer too, shows increase in stress symptoms while they use the computers, mobile phones and video players for long durations. Do not let your child to spend much time with these things. Try to make him busy in family meetings and physical activities.

6. Deal with Yourself

Control your aggression and never expose your child to violence. Your anger may exploit your child’s spirit. You are an ideal and master for him. He may and he will copy your attitudes unconsciously. Deal yourself if you want to deal your child.

7. Talk to Him

A silent man may go far deep in his thoughts and trace the things causing tension and stress. If you see that your child is sitting silent, start communications on his favorite topics. The same manner is helpful when you feel that symptoms of stress are appearing. Do not increase his stress level by continuous advices and opinions. Let him exchange his ideas and try to reach a solution of his problems through joint collaboration.

8. Reduce the Burden

We know that the education is first and must. But do not put burden on your child’s mind. Make a time table and do not compel him all the times to read. You will have to tricky here. Do not let him leave his homework. Try to observe his favorite reading times. Produce some interesting situations which may lead him towards books. You can play a game with a bit which results into making him read for sufficient time.

9. Consult A Health Care Provider

You cannot do everything at home. Sometimes the stress gets a hard state and can’t be dealt with the common disciplines. Only an expert can diagnose, analyze the stress and recommend a best treatment in this regard. If you note that your struggles are giving zero results, consult a related medical practitioner at the earliest.

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