Anger Management Techniques for Parents


A good person is – who keeps a good control on his temper.  Our behavior builds a picture of our personality in the minds of others. Anger does a lot in the formation of our behavior and attitude. So the management of anger is necessary for our life, health and relations. Similarly the anger of your children affects your present and their future. Being successful parents means being a good manager. If you are a father or a mom of some kids, you really should know about the anger management techniques for children. Being an adult you should also have the skills and techniques to manage the anger of yourself, your family adults, your preschool children and toddlers. Here we have given some successful and tested anger management techniques for parents especially moms but just for convenience let’s see what the anger actually is.

What is Anger?

Anger is a natural feeling that we all practice. Not going in long scientific explanations, we ma y conclude that it is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure or hostility. All the conditions of pique, fury, irritability, vexation, exasperation, indignation, rage, crossness and irritation are the shapes of angers or its kinds.

What is Anger Management?

Anger management is guidance to control temper and is the ability of staying cool. All the things you do or can do to get rid of your rage or displeasure comes under anger management. Anger management is an excellent skill which keeps the tensions, troubles and problems away from your life. Now without wasting your time we come to our topic – the successful anger management techniques.

Anger Management Techniques for Parents

Every person has various statuses of life. He may be a child, a young or an old person. Similarly he may be an offspring, brother, sister, father or a mom. So everyone goes through countless life conditions each of which demands specific behavior. The anger management techniques may be different for different life stages. Here on this article we shall briefly discuss anger management Techniques for Parents and especially for moms.

The parents need the anger management techniques with two perspectives – first with respect to manage their own anger and secondly how to handle the anger of their children.

Techniques for parents to manage their own anger

1. Deal with the Gone Things

How did your past days spend? Did you leave many problem unsolved in the past. If so, then try to solve them first. Eradicate the hidden anger associated with the past issues. If you have done some annoying things a few years ago then it may affect your behavior to your child. You should either solve these issues or should leave them forever. Your child takes a great effect of your anger. According to results of some studies the children of angry moms feel it hard to adopt the positive disciplines and manners. Trace out if there is something to worry about or unsettled which is influencing your attitude. May be you are not doing it consciously and still it is happening. Real analyses, right solution and getting rid of under-nature disturbances are beneficial for you and your child.

2. Control You Activities

Anger affects both the child and you. Why you go to the activities which produce an angry situation. Where the towel should have been kept or why the puppy entered your room are not so important situations to disturb your family relations. You should keep off the mess that will end in stressed situation. Your child notes everything you do. He will adopt these things and will accept the same mental feed backs what you got. The annoying situations disturb you with four aspects

a) Make you angry and bother your life

b) Upset your thinking and alarm your health

c) Degrade your rank as an ideal of your child

d) Influence your child’s mentality

The best technique is to keep away from the activities and situations which make you angry.

3. Anger at child – Anger at You

Have you ever analyzed your anger effects and responses? When you get angry on your child, you actually get angry at you. The next step is that you feel anger at the responded anger of your child. Finally you feel that you should not have been angry and then you get angry on your anger.

Once this circle starts, you become the part of it. Nip the evil in the bud. Do not let it start and even if it gets started, try to break it at any point where you can. The completion of the circle brings nothing except a sadness and wish to rewind and to restart the whole mess positively.

Instant Anger Management Techniques – Tips

1. Anger Analyses – When you get angry, think for a while what is annoying you. Is it a covering expression, some person, some emotional situation or a conflict of thoughts? Interpret and try to end the whole stuff. You can make it pending to solve in a normal situation.

2. Pre-Anger Signs – Note the signs which appear before you get angry. These may be stomach knots, wish to walk, headache, feeling stressed or change in heart beat etc. Be ready to control your temper and try to be calm, not to fix in any complex activity and keep quiet for sometimes. It will save you from further complications.

3. Negative Factors – Avoid factors that are negative for you. Over self specification, unexpected occurrences, unwanted results of anything or conversations which may have annoying replies may be your negative factors. To keep off these things is a good technique to help you manage the anger.

Anger Management Techniques – Short Tips

Following are some best tips that will help you manage your anger.

  • Do some work that often makes you cool and calm.
  • Start breathing deep, slow and long.
  • Try some tasty food which is easily digestible.
  • Listen some music that feels cool and peaceful. Classical may be best but avoid hard pop and heavy sounds.
  • Watch some movie romantic or historical. Terror and horror movies are bad experience in this regard.
  • Go out for some enjoyment at some open and healthy place.
  • Psychiatrists sometimes suggest digit counting. Count from zero to ten and then zero to ten till you feel easy. This thing changes your focus from disturbance to digits and other things.
  • Think about dangers of anger. Believe that you are to manage this anger as it is harmful to everything concerned to your life.
  • Change your working condition, position and direction. Even on road, change the rout to your destiny.
  • Try to find some easy and peaceful place to spend some time if you can’t go out farther.
  • Imagine yourself. You are worth for someone. Think about the gifts of God.
  • Some time we can’t help speaking. Try to express your anger in mild words. You can say a single thing in different manners. Adopt the less annoying behavior.
  • Think about forgiveness. It is great to forgive someone.
  • Recall to your mind the happy spent moments and pleasant occasions or the humors of the childhood.
  • Tell the situation to someone you trust. Speak exactly what is happening.
  • Write down a letter to your loved one or a person in your imagination. Just write and destroy. Never to send it.
  • Be busy in some physical situation like, exercise, jogging, walking, running, weight lifting or yoga etc.
  • Make an anger diary. Note all the reasons and situations along with your feelings. It will help you point out the causes and remedies that work.
  • Try sleeping. It is the best way if you could do it. It is hard to sleep with anger but excellent technique too.
Anger management techniques for Children

Now you have learnt how to manage your own anger. It was necessary for you as the self control makes everything easy. Now we shall discuss the anger management techniques for children. The children show different patterns of anger than adults. For the students we have given a separate article 9 Tips to Manage School Stress of Child. For the common children you may adopt the following anger management techniques.

1. Don’t afraid of your child’s anger. In some cases it is common and natural way to make children understand the difference between the wrong and right.

2. Do not deal your child like a judge. Deal like a friend or a companion. The more criticism and over advising may increase the child’s anger.

3. Note the early signs of anger in your child. What appears before the anger appears? It will help you manage his anger and find the working techniques.

4. Recall what you did last time when the child became cool. Repeat the same with different manner.

5. Appreciate and praise your child when the anger appears. It is one of the successful anger management techniques for children.

6. In the normal situations when there is no anger, teach him how to manage anger. Mould his mind towards the benefits of being calm. Train him how to behave peacefully and how to express normally.

7. Encourage his positive manners in normal situations. It will lead him to the positivity.

8. Provide the examples of some of his best friends or a cool character of some cartoon movie.

9. Embrace your child, take him out of the room and offer something favorite.

10. Try to solve the problem. The child is not always wrong. Sometimes the situation compels him to express anger.

11. Consult a child specialist or a psychiatrist.

You are the best teacher of yourself and your children. You know better what they do and what they need. You can better plan the anger management techniques for your children. Just attend them, give them proper time, keep them analyzing and continue the training. We wish a happy and pleasant life for your children.

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