Anorexia Nervosa

What is Anorexia?

Anorexia is an eating disorder. It makes a person desire harshly to lose weight. In this disorder a person believes that he is gaining weight even if he is not. He severely adopts all the methods and manners to lose weight. He gets preyed of the thinking that he is eating much and becoming fat. He is always in try to review his food intake, dieting and exercises to decrease his weight. The wish to lose weight becomes more powerful than anything else. The anorexic person wants to lose his weight at any price. Some people even do make them adversely weak in anorexia. The anorexia may take place in male and female both at all stages of life. Keep in mind that the anorexia is an eating disorder, entirely different from depression, tension and other conditions that disturb your eating habits.

The wish to look smart is not new to human and even not a bad thing. You too may have this wish and adopt all the ways to get slim. But if you feel that this desire is overcoming your eating habits and life routines, it is symptom of having an eating disorder – the anorexia. There are three main conditions observed in the anorexia:

  • The anorexic person refuses to continue a healthy body weight
  • The infected person feels a sever fear of obesity
  • The anorexia makes a person believe his body shape is imprecise and ugly.
Types of Anorexia

There are two types of anorexia.

1. Restricting anorexia – Inn this anorexia the person tries to decrease the weight by restricting his calorie intake. He goes in sever fasting, radical diets and over exercises. In this type the patient tries no medicines etc.

2. Purging Anorexia – In this type the persons adopts more severe ways and medicines. He does intentional vomiting, weight loss medicines, diuretics and laxatives.

You have got anorexia – is this true?

To check that you have got preyed of anorexia, find the answers of the following questions within yourself.

  1. How do you feel (weak or strong), when you have no exercise and when you are hungry?
  2. What do your friends and relative say about your eating habits or exercise? Is it a praise or a criticism?
  3. Are you not satisfied with your weight and body size?
  4. Do you feel over weight, even the people say you are fit?
  5. Do you feel a fear that you will be over weight?
  6. Are you at strict diet, over-exercise or find yourself physically overwhelming?
  7. Do you hide your eating habits? Is the real food less than you tell?

The more positives in the answers will take you more close to the positivity of having anorexia.

Dieting and Anorexia – What is the Difference?
  • Dieting is made to manage weight while anorexia is a struggle to control your feelings, emotions and desires.
  • The dieting concentrates on fitness while the anorexia concentrates merely on weight loss and slimming.
  • Dieting is for having healthy body weight while the anorexia is for happiness on losing weight.
  • Dieting concerns health while anorexia concerns just struggle to fulfill an assumption.

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