Autism Spreads Like an Epidemic


Living with autism, disease that destroys senses and makes one live in an isolated world

To withdraw within yourself, lose contact with the outside world, and create an isolated world based on own thoughts and fantasies. Isn’t this painful. That’s what autism do. Live in the same world with the other people around but still no interaction with that world you physically exist in. Questions that follow, can you belong to a world you don’t interact in. Do you belong anywhere, are you part of the typical world, or you are just a part of yourself and your imagination. That is still  mysterious when it comes to autism. There is still no concrete answer about this disease. Why no one knows, and no one responds. If the autisctic children are unable to talk about their evident problem, where is there the medicine?

Autistic children- Children in their world

Autism is considered third disease after mental retardation and cerebral palsy. Autism is hereditary genetic biological disease of the brain. ‘People in their world’ is the sentence that usually refers to autistic people. Autistic people describe their experiences only like thoughts and pictures. They suffer from inability to develop a certain communication skills and other social skills. Beside the lack of social skills, many autistic children have developed motor or mathematically skills. Around 30 % of the autistic people have seizures as well. ( epileptic attacks). As they grow up, the symptoms of autism become more noticeable.

Main symptoms of autism in children

-lack of interaction

-lack of social skills

-non-verbal communication

-repeat one/some same words, don’t make sentences

-talk with touch (when they want something, they show it, but don’t express their requests verbally)

-lack of eye-contact with the speaker

-keep a distance

-don’t respond when ask to

-don’t react when someone call their name

-avoid physical contact even with their parents

-don’t show empathy about other ill people around

-weird behavior, not typical one (play alone, clap hands, run )

-laugh without reasons

-connect to a certain object (a toy, for instance)

-have opsessive compulsive disorder

-live life by their routines, don’t adapt to new/different circumstances, than the ones they are used to

-don’t like, accept changes

-possible self-destruction/aggressive behavior with other people

-unpredictable reaction of their senses( hyper or hypo activity)

Autism destroys the senses

Typical person reacts to the things around, hears noises, enjoys nature, feels, tastes, can read, write etc. while on the other hand the autistic children face with many difficulties when it comes to their senses, because they usually change unpredictably. Therefore, the autistic children frequently don’t hear the police alarm, or feel the perfume around. Unfortunately, all these happenings present their everyday life.

How to behave with the children who have autism

use simple words in your communication with the autistic children

-don’t panish them

-make a difference between I don’t want and I can’t do something

-be patient/tolerant when they don’t respond

-be concrete and limit your vocabulary because their is too much limited

-try to understand their emotions and behavior

-love them unconditionally, because they deserve and need it more than the rest of us( typical individuals with a normal way of functioning/living)

-never forget that living a life with autism is very hard

-help the autistic children because they can’t live independently and alone

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