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Today obesity is considered a disease of age where it has become more important to weight control. It’s time for some weight after the winter we have assumed hafiflemen. Dietician Şefika Aydin you will find information and suggestions in this paper. Good luck to everyone…in advance

American dietetic Association, national organizations such as the World Health Organization, the only food I do not recommend a diet that is based on popular and. In terms of variety of food resources in our country for the sake of efficient slimming every diet that is made unstable, hormonal, psychological, spiritual and physical issues returning. 400 grams of fruit and 200 grams of vegetables per day poor diets, according to the World Health Organization, heart diseases, digestive diseases, causes an increase in stroke.

Therefore, a balanced diet is essential. Surely in the day, even if not in the same meal meat and dairy products, vegetables, fruits and grains should include a mix of. The culprit of obesity is not fruit or bread. For example, cheese and eggs, milk and whole grain cereal, pastries, bagels, pancakes can be started with. Since what is important is consumed rather a measure of how often you eat and portion. Is determined according to this person, because everyone’s metabolic rate is different. Especially during menopause is the most common complaint: “the same things I’m eating, I’m paying attention to portion size, I eat low fat, but I basted feeling, I’m gaining weight.” From this perspective, your body of the nutrients it wants, by paying attention to the amount you can consume.

Dec and 2, at least 3 main meal!

Together with the weight gain, the most important issue of our time, the disruption of carbohydrate metabolism due to insulin resistance. The problem is that in order to prevent the increase of weight, if you have a problem, contact zayiflatili, or a balanced diet with frequent feedings are given. Edit Dec sugar meals should be taken. Dec a decrease in the concentration of skipping a meal, fatigue, unhappiness, anxiety, and a decrease in metabolism leads. Within days, Most especially in the Stoke zone, after lunch or dinner. The snack request with a minimum of specific time intervals are necessarily a lot more people save for their main meal. Those who eat meals late jumping or stronger than the desire to snack on their lunch. Most people observed the best for after dinner snacks, are turning to foods that are a source of carbohydrates and protein both between 16-17 hours. These foods; low-fat cheese can be made with-grain sandwich, milk, buttermilk, yogurt and a whole wheat cookie-cake.

Sine qua non salad

Weight or maintaining your weight while you eat salad for every meal when in the winter you should try to. Primarily salad contains essential ingredients that protect against many diseases. Moreover, cancer, cardiovascular health, digestive system and liver diseases in fiber intake is also very important. Salad, bread and vegetables by removing the fiber is not able to feed on. Food at every meal, put 1 tablespoon olive oil salad, fiber, and afterwards, provides many vitamins and minerals. With stress increasing of salad at every meal to be consumed to relieve constipation is an important card.

Pedometer works!

We are very impressed with the transitions of the seasons most processes. During this period, especially the tendency to sleep increases, Nov aches, fatigue, lack of motivation, and factors such as stress. Summers, the most essential factor which accelerates the metabolism is physical activity. At this point, your biggest assistant pedometer (pedometer). Realise step pedometer calculates how far each day. Average 2000-2500 days for women who can’t find time to play sports in men between 3500-4000 step is eliminated. However, the step should take about ten thousand people per day who want to lose weight. Pedometer with maximum benefit can be achieved by increasing your daily activities. Away the car parking, using the elevator, walking the dog, through numerous small act like taking yourself to coffee and tea at work, you will have taken another step. We should not forget that: according to surveys, lack of physical activity, causing 1.9 million deaths in the world. A case in point: more people body lubrication, Nov aimed at increasing the power of the sport of fat by doing cardio diet must lose and reduce.

Don’t overdo your fruit consumption

There are two big mistakes when it comes to diet with fruit: 1) to remove the fruit completely from the diet, 2) The maximum amount of fruit and the wrong time to eat “I eat 1 pound plum sitting dinner instead of just eating fruit can I have?”, “Eat fruit can I eat?” like we’ll meet frequently with questions. And we gave them the answer never changes: “No!” Fruit sugar fructose is a simple carbohydrate which consists of. This, you know, the brother with the sugar. Late more, especially when consumed immediately into the bloodstream and turns into fat in the body. Among the reasons of fat especially around the waist, then you have to eat more fruits and foods fat foods pastries. From this perspective, fruits, Dec mealtimes after meals, especially 2-3 hours up to a maximum of 2 servings should be consumed. Need to know the measurements of servings. The math is simple: 1 slice of watermelon (medium-sized watermelon one-eighth), 10 medium, plum, 12 medium strawberries, 15 grapes or 12 cherries a portion. 4-5 servings per day until able to take out this measure in a healthy diet. With meals it’s not… After a breakfast of fruit in the afternoon or after dinner you must eat to be. If you have a disorder of the carbohydrate metabolism in people about sugar, Dec fruit to eat meals alone may be objectionable. A reminder: it’s not fruit juice, in itself useful. In children the habit of eating fresh fruit instead of fruit juice should be given.

Ice cream sweet in crisis

Fortunately, summer came and was able to eat ice cream for dessert. But you should pay attention to the amount of. Although lightweight ice-cream, fresh milk becomes harmful when it is consumed every day, as opposed to innocent. Cornet sold large portions of ice cream ready, it’s almost 400 calories. Also some women this dinner calories. The ice cream stick to the top 2-3 best for you. A scoop of ice cream for at least 2 hours every evening meal, it wouldn’t hurt actually. But for those who want to lose weight, this frequency may create drawback. 2 scoops of ice cream for 1-2 days per week, a healthier suggestion for those who want to lose weight.

Liquid growth is important!

The amount of liquid that need to be taken every day in women and 3.7 liters for men and 2.7. ‘In the list of liquid, vegetables, salad, soup, milk, buttermilk, such as compost foods, all hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. But aside from these, weight control 10-12 glasses of water is also very important. Juice for body temperature balance and hormonal factors also to drink alone, and should become a habit. Didn’t realize it before and after meals especially, drinking a glass of water before a meal, reduces appetite.

Helpful suggestions

– You are not obligated to finish the food they put in the plate. It is not rude free flip. Also you guys do not be pushy with your guests from making the same mistake.
-Your meals slowly, make sure you’re getting small bites. A sip of water in between to slow down eating you can.
-If you want to reduce cellulite in written form for getting the consumption of coffee and carbonated beverages limit. Cream, milk and caffeinated coffee all types of fat. Also acidic carbonated beverages, fruit juice, it is time to say goodbye to. Fats, fried foods, coffee, mayonnaise and similar sauces cellulite also friendly. A diet that is rich in vitamin E and selenium is important for healthy skin. From this perspective, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, onion, garlic, broccoli, pear, melon, kiwi, and pineapple has to be eaten in moderation foods such as.
-The package not to eat from the plate. Otherwise, how much you have eaten when you can’t understand.

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