Before the wedding, and then how should I feed it?


Had very little time to the wedding, and you want to get into shape in a short time a little bit more. Then note these recommendations

The first wedding to prepare for because they do not follow a very low calorie diet your chances of keeping your weight off by eliminating are tied once more to gain my weight back can cause. The exercise program slowly with a low calorie diet for losing weight fast the healthier and also your application no more than 2 pounds between.

You’re not putting that much difference in your metabolism to make you play and famine. However, body fat is not low calorie diets and causes it to go to the water Nov. In this way, the form does not indicate too much weight. However, if you could give 2 kg body weight from Fat when you give consciously 3-3,5 kilos, such as regional thinning you win.

Before the wedding, especially you can choose swimming as an activity. Equally your whole body on the decline, there will be a lot of support for a regional run. You should not neglect to drink plenty of water. Because your skin is beautiful, especially on your wedding day is very necessary. Also, if you want to lose weight before the wedding, first set a reasonable goal. Two weeks before the wedding you are going to do with the condition of being healthy diet can help you lose two.

Good balance of the nutrients you need to take. Every day dairy-yogurt, fruit, vegetables, salads, meat and bread or bread consume the group.

Your weight and let your future husband know that you have attention to your form. If you support, your job becomes easier. If we think you’re going to spend the most time with him, with you cake, ice cream and also consuming this program you must comply with someone on the side as a courtesy of their own family can prevent you from unnecessary food consumption. During this period, try to keep your life away from stress as much as possible. Caffeine also triggers your stress, improves your cellulite. Try to stay away from caffeine as much as possible. Chamomile to relax you, drink herbal teas such as Linden tea. The consumption of plenty of raw vegetables and fruits to your health, which is required for vitamin and mineral support for your skin, gives your hair and makes your nails look more beautiful.

For lunch or dinner, you can consume 6 tablespoons bread instead of rice. “According to data from the USA rice Federation; half-cup of cooked rice contains 108 calories as when served with the 103. For healthy foods such as vegetables and lean meat proteins at the same time, rice is a good accompaniment.

* Pay attention to your meal. Do not consume salty and fatty foods.

* Avoid alcohol

* Avoid smoking and if possible, do not drink ever.

* Drink plenty of water.

* You have to take care of your weight.

* You have to stand for a long time, or you are going to sit for a long time

* Any in adequate amounts of physical activity. (walking,stair climbing,swimming,gymnastics etc)

* Regularly treated with massage. Moisturizer.

* Plenty of fiber and fiber foods choose.

* A fast-food diet, stay away from

* Be sure to consume vitamin C sources. Reduction and vitamin C has the effect of blocking the formation of cellulite. Nutrition and diet because it is rich in vitamin C fruits should be included in your program. In particular: lemon, kiwi, oranges, peaches, peppers, and parsley

Sausage: the loosening of connective tissue because it contains animal fat causes.

Chocolate with fat and sugar are more fattening to occur.

Alcohol: high alcohol will damage the liver and the liver function of a percolator.

Coffee: it’s a vasoconstrictor.

Offal: the connective harmful substances they contain negative affect.

Salted peanuts: Just too salty like other foods, causes water retention in the body.

Sausage: salt and contains plenty of fat.

Nutritional advice after the wedding, Yes the wedding is over. She’s married now and got a new life. A new social life, new environment, new layout. Like every bride before the wedding, you have given a lot of importance in your form and your physique, body and skin treatments as well as diet did. For that all important big day???… What now!!!…

Often they begin to gain weight rapidly in the first months of marriage, newly married couples. Couples before they get married, their eating habits, for the layout in this layout all of a sudden vary. Increases the amount of junk food consumed while sitting especially after dinner. During the first months of marriage would be more to dine outside. If they both work, if more practical , delicious foods and calorie consumption increases.

Important to having a good time together, it tastes good taste. In the first months of marriage invitations is too much. In fact, each invitation is usually a feast. Women, especially to his wife to look more cute, more of it enters into in order to gain his appreciation consistently delicious cooking Frenzy. When you factor in the families of the couple into it, the situation is a bit more complicated.
That’s why it is important to understand how to protect your form before it’s too late should take a look at our suggestions below.

• Especially in the first months of marriage, to know more about your partner, to be happy, the pleasure of eating, their habits to cater for all your wedding photos without understanding what it is trying to increase your points in common between the girl on the cliffs may occur.

• First, your wife’s food culture, habits, and the pleasure of eating necessarily investigate examine. You can create mystery by making it a different and pleasant surprises for him. In creating this mystery your partner’s favorite meal more healthy and low-calorie consume how you search.

• Your eating habits as soon as the difference between your culture and try to understand. This will make it easier for you to adapt to your new life.

• Our own eating habits and develop new recipes by combining it with your wife of the pleasure of yours, just to taste both of you, you can create a healthy meal.

• Especially be careful not to get junk food products when you’re grocery shopping. Comes in handy these Snack foods in the evening while sitting, but then you’ve put on weight.

• Prepares the table while at dinner just keep eating the amount you need. The amount will have to eat so much variety and put food on the table. Two people to eat a dick because you are there won’t be anyone in the house. I’d have to go to waste, so the weight will increase.

• Cook for two dishes!!!!!!!. More than enough to prepare food

• Select your salad on your dinner plates a small plate.

• Watch serving size. Your plate will always fill it up halfway.

• From the insistence of your spouse’s family recognize you as someone who doesn’t like ensure. If you give in to the insistence from the beginning ahead of when appeal becomes more of a problem.

• Notice your physical activity after the wedding. Never try to walk not even half an hour a day. Note that as activity increases, the weight decreases.

• With your partner, you can also go trekking on the weekends. You can encourage your husband about this.

• You will have a baby in a few years if not immediately. Much your pregnancy your pregnancy your ideal weight and if you keep too much weight after giving birth will be much more comfortable and also you won’t have a problem. For this, you must take your precautions at the beginning of your marriage.

• When you get married, you inevitably you will get a large portion of your time with your spouse. The time of marriage advances, gradually increase the time you are going to devote yourself to your responsibilities will be shortened. After a certain period of time, this can negatively affect your spouse and your marriage. For this reason, at the beginning of your marriage by talking with your partner take your own time and budget. A large part of your form to protect that use.

• If you are a working lady when you get married, you need to remove yourself regularly and a good program. If you don’t do it, fast-food meals, five days a week, restaurant meals, unhealthy diet and life is what we bring!!! Means that is waiting for you.

• We can get awareness about nutrition; the future for you, your spouse, the health of your child is very important. You can get professional help from a dietitian about this.

• Note; to learn how to eat a healthy and balanced diet in every way very positive impact on your health, stress, living conditions can reduce the monotony that’s going to fall over time with marriage. Bread instead of rice you can consume American.

• Most importantly, talk with your partner and negotiation that is compatible with them all for a family health care you can remove the program.

Sample diet and diet SUGGESTIONS after the wedding for those who do not have stomach problems in the morning on an empty stomach, half a lemon is a natural vitamin C Water. At the same time cleans the digestive tract due to its antiseptic property.

Morning: 1 cup milk
2 thin slices bread
1 matchbox cheese
3-4 olive
Chopped salad

DEC : 2 servings of fruit

Lunch : 1 serving vegetables
2 thin slices bread
1 cup of yoghurt

DEC : 1 slice of bread + 1 matchbox cheese

Dinner : 1 serving of vegetables
1 serving grilled meat
1 slice of bread

DEC : 1 cup sweet milk

Two servings per day of vegetables+fruit two cups of milk or yogurt, 1 to 2 slices of cheese bread or 6 thin slices of the alternatives, 1 serving grilled, lots of salad and in addition, you can maintain your form by eating 1 cup of sweet milk. Of course, these amounts may vary according to the person. Your eating habits can be shaped in this context.

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