Benefits of Water For Health and Beauty


Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Did you know in addition to relieve thirst, water has other benefits? Many people are not familiar with the benefits of water. Some people even consume less water. Maybe soft drinks is better for them. How about you ? do you prefer water or soft drink ?

benefits of drinking water for health and beauty

Water help digestion process
By drinking water, our digestion will be better. We can avoid or at least reduce the risk of exposure to excessive stomach acid, indigestion, and constipation.

Creating a beautiful skin and body
It is very important for you who want beautiful skin and body. Whether you have best diet program or not, water is a must. 70% of the human body consists of water or liquid. So, when the body is dehydrated, the body will take and absorb the moisture present in the skin so that the skin becomes dry and dull. By consuming water, the skin will look more fresh face, fit, and bright.

Protect the heart
If humans used to drinking more than five cups a day, will benefit by reducing the risk of heart disease. Besides the habit of drinking water for more than five glasses can also reduce cancer gets. The human body gets water intake can prevent colon cancer risk by 45%, then 50% lack of risk of bladder cancer, and breast cancer risk.

Prevent headaches
Headaches are unbearable. Therefore, for people who frequently suffer from headaches try to consume water regularly.

Sharpen the brain.
There are studies that say that the reduction of 1% of the liquid weight will make someone lose the functions of thinking. Because of this, drink water because it reportedly drinking 8-10 cups of water magic can improve cognitive performance by up to 30%

Make remain vigilant
Lack of consuming water will make a person drowsy and tired easily. Fatigue can reduce work performance and cause feelings to always sleep especially nap. Because it immediately drink water in order to reawaken the lost konsrentrasi and make what we do better.

Treating ailments and severe
How to remove the disease and filth is through sweat and urine. In order to remove fluid that is not needed, it can be done by drinking water.

Water is one of some ways to lose weight
When dieting, water is said to reduce excessive appetite in a person. By drinking water, the stomach feel fuller so that food intake will become a little bit.

Preventing stroke
Benefits of water the other is to help expedite the circulatory system and respiratory system. Because of that, the water can help prevent stroke in a person.

That’s some of the benefits of water for health, drink water regularly at least 8 glasses a day.

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