Bodybuilding Diet Plan for Cutting Fat and Growing Muscles

Meal Plan for Cutting Fat and Building Muscle

A special and personalize diet plan is necessary when you want to cut your fat and wish to grow your muscles at the same time. A good meal plan is that which helps lose your weight but bulking your muscles.  The activities which consume higher energy amounts, especially when you are a bodybuilder, your diet plan should include a proper amount of proteins, carbohydrates and other healthy nutrients but should also have fat burning qualities. Remember that with a right plan and the right discipline, you can get seriously shredded or bulked. We have included here a special diet plan which will help in step by step cutting your fat, growing your muscles and making you a successful body builder.

We have seen that the common techniques to lose weight are reduced eating, fasting, more calorie consumptions and specific exercises. On the other hand the muscle makers use heavy eating, gym activities, more carbs, protein enriched diets, fast food recipes and sometimes food supplements. But a winning bodybuilding diet should contain all of these qualities. Neither the obesity nor the weak muscles favor a booming bodybuilder. Body building requires fitness and strength both in one body.

If you are a body builder, having trouble cutting up and getting shredded and want to be winner of a bodybuilding competition then genius amount of calories, carbs, proteins, fats, and never missed meals can help you much.

Before Start

Before you go to our bodybuilding diet plan, decide what your requirement is. You want to grow or want to cut. Each diet plan has specific results and you can select one for your condition and necessity. This diet has an elastic nature. You can make changes in food intakes, preventions, setting carbs and protein amounts and other specification. Perhaps everyone wants three things from a successful diet plan either it is to cut fat or to build muscles. First the real results, secondly the faster results and finally the everlasting results. We have tried our best to keep everything in accordance with these demands. Hope you enjoy our cut fat and build mass clean bulking nutrition program. But just for your knowledge, some definitions in brief first. You will need it for any functional plan for better health and increased fat loss.

1. Calories – Calories are defined as an extent of the energy in our food. Our body takes out calories from the food we eat. These are used to obtain energy for daily needs.

2. Burning Calories – Our body continuously uses the calories. Each activity as walking, running exercising and even reading this bodybuilding diet plan for cutting fat is consuming energy from our body. Extra calories are stored in the shape of fat and muscles. When we stop or decrease eating high calorie foods, the body ends up storing fat and starts using calories from this store of fat and muscles. We call it fat burning or fat cutting plan.

3. Macro nutrients – The nutrients of our diet which provide higher amount calories are called macronutrients. Carbohydrates,   fats and protein are the macronutrients which provide calories to our body. They are also a unit in the tissue formation.

Now you will feel easy if we use the term calories per macronutrients. For example,

1 gram of protein provides 4 calories.

1 gram of dietary fat provides 9 calories

1 gram of carbohydrates gives 4 calories. And so on.

(Rounded values)

We have given a separate chart of foods with amount of calories, protein and carbs along with other ingredients. You can Read it Here. From this you can plan a traditional bodybuilding competitor’s diet.

Bodybuilding Diet Plan for Cutting Fat – Growing Muscles Step By Step
Step 1 – Set your Achievements

Before you go on diet, starve yourself and start cut down you should watch your weight and watch your waistline. Decide what you want. Do you want to Build Muscles first or cut the fat down? What is the priority? You can go with both goals but if you are a newer to bodybuilding, we suggest a balanced diet plan. You will have to keep in mind that the bulking bodybuilding concentrates less of fat and more on muscle maintenance. While the Cutting bodybuilding emphasizes more on cutting the fat and less on muscle growth. After this analysis you can enjoy any free fat-loss plans and tips to destroy the flab and keep hard.

Step 2 – Calories Calculation

Commonly the plans are crafted for a caloric deficit conditions. Estimate your calories level. It is easy to understand. How many calories you intake minus amount of calories consumed per day will provide you the exact approximation. You can simply increase or decrease the calories intake by simply changing the daily diet. Even if the diet plan is resulting in different calories calculation, you can adopt the fat burning exercises, workouts and other lifestyle changes.

Step 3 – Manage Fat Balance

In addition to calorie counting, estimate your fat intake. The common fat eating should be about 25% of the total calories you eat. If you find deficiency, high fat is permitted. As we said above you can change this figure according to your need. The fat element can also be covered with the marketed food supplements but please be concentrated to quality.

Step 4 – Eating Carbs

The carbohydrates are the third issue. Along with the fat and calories you will have to keep record of intake of carbohydrates. We recommend that all the carbs should come from the natural diet. Also keep in mind that a best body building diet plan is that which concentrates on natural foods no the supplements. The supplements are always an option not the basics.

Step 5 – Protein Concerns

The protein is the top most macronutrient. It is the building unit of our whole body. Keeping in mind the above said factors try to eat necessary amount of proteins. The expert suggest to intake 1 to 1.5 gram protein for each pound of your total body weight on daily basis. Always try to eat a high protein. Whey protein works best in this regard.

Step 6 – Best Eating Times

For a body builder the best eating times are two. First is before exercise and second is after exercise. The ideal protein and carbs eating is 0.25 g per pound of your total bodyweight. The fats are optional before workouts. You can take them or leave them. The suggestion is for both before and after exercise.

Step 7 – Daily Eating

Although it hard to suggest how many times you should eat, however you can adopt eating habits according to your goal setting and body requirements. It’s upon you what you eat. The common meal Frequency is 3 square meals a day.  We have given a separate article on how to Increase weight with foods. If you don’t want cut weight and want to eat, it will help you. Our suggestion is to once again to concentrate on natural fresh and healthy foods.

Step 8 – Drinking

What do you think? What we mean from “drinking”. Brandy or black? mmmmm. Not at all. We mean drinking water. Water is not essential but very essential and vital for everyone and especially for a bodybuilder. 2 liter per day is a good drinking. You should increase this amount in hot weather and during workouts.

After understanding all these steps you can easily understand how to create a great diet plan. You can manage

1. Sample Diet for Burning Fat and Building Muscle.

2. Cut fat and build mass with your clean bulking nutrition program.

3. Prepare recipes and enjoy eating.

We pray for your health, fitness and bodybuilding success.

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