Dementia and its Symptoms

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a well known brain complication. It is not a disease itself but a group of brain disorders and syndromes which harm the brain activities. It causes loss of mental functions and makes the brain working poor and weak. It affects the judgment, thinking manners, memory, language and behavior etc. It mostly appears as a result of Alzheimer’s diseases and produces a range of complications. However in addition to Alzheimer’s, dementia is caused by many other diseases and conditions too. For example a kind of substance abuse and imbalance of hormone may also cause dementia. All kinds of dementia are now treatable except a few sever dementias which still have no cure.

Symptoms of Dementia

The signs and symptoms of dementia are mostly concerned to slow or ill working of the brain. These look same to a doctor and a person which is close to patient. However some symptoms may only be identified by an expert health care provider. The main symptoms of dementia are due to memory loss but there many other indications too. These symptoms may vary according to variation in causes. Followings are the main symptoms of dementia.

Early Symptoms

In the start of the dementia, the symptoms are not so much hard. Here are some indications which show that dementia is likely to occur soon. The sufferer:

  • Feels it hard to carry on a job which requires thinking, analyzing and deciding.
  • Gets his frame of mind flat. He shows no interest in his favorite things.
  • Gets disturbed in his social manners.
  • Starts forgetting about the daily paths and roads.
  • Finds his routine items missing.
  • Suffers the language troubles. While speaking, he forgets the simple names and words.
Timely Symptoms

When the dementia is fully developed, the symptoms get harder. They are as under.

  • The sufferer cannot conclude or decide exactly or correctly. For example in case of emergency he gets confused about what to do and what not to do.
  • His behavior gets rude and he suffers hallucinations.
  • He escapes the social relations and avoids contacting his relatives and colleagues.
  • His sleep is disturbed and interrupted. He often wakes at midnight.
  • He cannot speak the full and complete words and sentences.
  • He loses his continuity in his working.
  • His reading and writing power gets weak.
  • He often gets confused even in very routine tasks like daily maintenance, assignments and household works. He ignores bathing, well dressing and shaving.
  • He may have confrontation and delusions.
  • In very severe cases he finds it difficult to identify himself or his close relatives and friends.
  • He may have depression and anxiety

The main and most evident symptom of dementia is forgetfulness. The people with the dementia forget about their common life activities. You will find them searching there wallet or trying to remember what were they doing. They often write their schedules on the paper, save reminders in their cell phones or trying to recall things in their mind. During diagnosis, if the patient is asked same question twice, he forgets the earlier term. Commonly the dementia starts with the mild symptoms and gradually increases to the severe stages. But some kinds of dementia appear at once and their symptoms prevail in short time.

The best thing is that if you or any of your relative or a close friend is facing memory loss, language problems, agitating behavior or ignoring trends, please let a health care provider help the situation.

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