Does Alcohol Affect Your Sex Performance


Alcohol is used on large scale and has a common assumption to increase the sexual wish, orgasm, sex duration and supposed to boost the joy and pleasure. According to an estimate about 27% (especially unmarried) couples drink before having sex and most of them take it as sexual wish stimulator and happiness enhancer. Here I have discussed does alcohol have any effects on your sex performance and if it does, what are the outcomes.

Yes alcohol can affect your sex performance. The studies show that alcohol has both negative and positive effects on the sex capacity. Both the men and women are affected and have some changes in their sex making concerns. First we see the negative effects of alcohol on human sexual capacity and activity.

Bad Effects

In common it has toxic effects on male sexual performance. Alcohol intoxication can decrease sexual arousal and pleasure ability. Followings are main consequences of drinking.

Erection Frequency

A drunken man may face erectile dysfunction. It happens due to three reasons:

  1. Lesser amount of liquid in body. Dehydration slows down the blood flow to the genitals.
  2. Depressed nervous system as I have explained below.
  3. Angiotensin Hormone – This hormone is responsible for erectile dysfunction. Alcohol increases the activity of this hormone and causes lower strength and slower rate of erection.
It Depresses Your Nervous System

About 95% activities of the sex depend upon your nervous system. Craving to have a partner, erection, orgasm, ejaculation and pleasure all is concerned to this system. The Drinking makes working of different parts of your nervous system slow. Many other body functions like respiration, blood circulation and nerves sensitivity depend upon it. So a depressed nervous system may make your dating fun slower.


Wine does produce dehydration. You may have an internal liquid deficiency. Main sex factors like female’s orgasm and male’s erection and ejaculation involves a lot of liquids and blood full of oxygen. A dehydrated body makes sex but with lesser passion and lower craze.


As alcohol loosens all body functions so there may be a sense of tiredness. Sometimes a headache too is felt. It may disturb your bed pleasure and intercourse session by different aspects.

Problem in Ejaculation and Orgasm

Here both men and women are affected. In 2011 a study was made on drinkers. A comparison between the drinkers and non drinkers was arranged. It was seen the females who used to drink got orgasm much later than those who never did it. Similarly the drinker men face some complications to have ejaculation while the others did not.

Low Lubrication

As I mentioned above, the dehydration may cause a female low vaginal lubrication. This may reduce the sex enjoyment and cause pain too. It may further disturb pregnancy and fertility.

Balance, judgement, and coordination are also negatively affected which additionally may affect sexual performance and relation too.

Positive Effects

However I didn’t say that everything is wrong and dangerous. There are some good things too.


A substance food, drink, or a drug that makes people want to have sex is called aphrodisiac. Alcohol boosts the urge to have sex but for this you will have to be sensible. Be limited to drinking.

PE Solution

PE – Premature ejaculation is uncontrolled ejaculation either before or shortly after sexual penetration. Alcohol gives you more control to ejaculate. Although it is not a constant PE treatment however for the time beings it stops ejaculation to take place before its natural time.

Increased Pleasure

Along with some factors that reduce your joy, alcohol does for happiness enhancement. As it makes the orgasm somewhat late, so pleasure comes with density and long lasting. A slightly drunk girl will no doubt enjoy the interaction more and for extended time.

Social Lubrication

Social lubrication although not directly linked to sexual effects but sometimes it may be a cause of change in your sexual relations and factors. Alcohol creates social lubrication.

So what is the conclusion? Alcohol is good or bad for sex? It provokes and it makes it unprovoked. It provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance. What to do? The answer is somewhere in the middle of yes and no. The best thing is the moderation. If you do something to reduce the negativity and increase the positivity, you can add something to my “YES”. Do it tonight and check if I suggested you right.

How to Decrease the negative effects of alcohol for sex:

1. Do not drink excessively. Drinking alcohol to excess can make good sex go bad. The amount affecting someone’s sex drive is specific to each individual.

2. Take a lot of water prior to and after drinking wine. It will escape dehydration.

3. Do not eat much after drinking if you are going to bed with your friend.

4. Let the effects of drinking be slowed down before you call your partner. During sexual intercourse can be blamed on your feigned drunkenness.


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