Does Smoking Mess Up Your Taste Buds

Cigarette Smoking Dulls Taste

Here are proofs that smoking ruins taste buds. Smoke of cigarettes affects health and kills some buds on the tongue making it hard to detect and sense the taste of various foods especially coffee.

Everyone is well known to the dangers and troubles of smoking. It causes cancer, lung diseases, Asthma, TB and many cardiovascular problems. The researches have always brought bad news for the smokers. Now the scientists say that the smoking ruins the taste buds of the smokers. They say that the smokers cannot taste the bitter taste with real intensity and this may affect their flavor enjoyment and some other troubles may take place too. The concept is not new but there is some additional proof that smoking will mess up your tasting quality.

Taste buds are particular structures that help perceive tastes. We all have about 10,000 taste buds, mostly on the tongue with a few at the back of the throat and on the palate. Taste buds encircle pores within the protuberances on the tongue’s surface and in another place.

Although many studies have been made on the effects of cigarettes but two of them have brought something noticeable. First was made in 2009 and second is the latest during the past months. Actually the first study was not only for cigarette effects on taste buds but for the all dangers of smoking. It was carried out in Greece and the researchers made an experiment on more than 60 persons. A sufficient amount of females was also there in the subject persons. They were selected from the military and were young and adults below 30.

The study team was led by Pavlidis Pavlos, from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the results were published in the journal BMC Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders. The subject of the query was what happens to tasting ability of a smoker. It was seen that the amount of taste buds is not changed and they do not get dead due to smoking. However the researchers found that the shape and structure of the taste buds was changed. The taste buds on smokers’ tongues were found to be flatter than the buds on the tongues of the nonsmokers. Secondly the smokers could not taste the bitter taste of the coffee and find it hard to enjoy the pleasure. The effect was found in all the current smokers, fresh smokers and the ex smokers. The ratio was higher in the current smokers as compared to others. The team head revealed the facts in a press release and narrated that they found a clear difference between the taste bud structures of the smokers and non smokers. However some non smokers were too found with same error. For the same reason the researcher put the final results pending on the coming researches.

The matter was under discussion when another study made the matter worrying. A recent study ended with the similar results as the previous had. Here the scientists found the same data of the smokers which proved that the smokers will have to leave the smoking if they want to keep up with flavor enjoying. The research was made in the France and the subject persons were the employees of a hospital. More than 450 people were brought under experiment and the smokers, ex smokers and non smokers were included in those. When the researchers gave them the edible things with the different tastes, it was found that the smoking had snatched the taste sensitivity for some foods.

The foods given were of different tastes. It was seen that all the taste buds were not getting affected. Smoking had done nothing with sweat salty and sour taste but the trouble was with the bitter foods to enjoy. The smokers and some ex smokers could not detect the bitter taste properly. Although some non smokers were also facing this situation but the smokers were mostly effected. Further analyses showed that it was caffeine to which the taste buds were unable to identify.

In the first study the study mangers concluded that Nicotine was the cause of practical and morphological changes of taste buds without harshly influencing the number. While in the second study a toxic process and bioaccumulation of some tobacco – combustion products were acknowledged as the cause. The scientists say that smoking disturbs the balance of taste buds reproduction and so kills some of senses which help taste definite foods. However in both studies they were confirmed that smoking messes up and ruins taste buds of the human being.

There are several other researches and studies that have disclosed that the taste buds of people who are smokers are flatter than the taste buds of people who do not smoke.

Some Other Dangers Of Smoking
  • Cosmetic Downfalls
  • Lung Cancer
  • Heart and Blood Diseases
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Nicotine Withdrawal
  • Early Menopause
  • Secondhand Smoke
  • Dementia and Alzheimer’s Diseases
  • Pregnancy Complications
  • Respiratory Diseases

You have seen that smoking is proving dangerous day by day. A lot of hazards have been observed and a lot are coming into view. So in my opinion you should quit smoking at the earliest. I have given some useful stuff on How to Quit Smoking here on this site. I pray for your health and life.

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