Find out how vesicles (blisters) are formed and how to treat them


The vesicles with liquid or blisters that appear quite frequently on the feet are not a great reason for concern, but the sensation of discomfort they create is unpleasant enough to want to treat them immediately. To these symptoms, one can also add the unpleasant aspect of the skin affected by the vesicles.

The causes of the apparition of vesicles with liquid on hands and feet:

  • Such blisters or vesicles appear on the hands and feet due to continuous pressure or intense rubbing on a certain areas of the skin.
  • In combination with the sweat, the pressed, crushed or solicited area becomes even more sensitive.
  • Socks made of synthetic material, unsuitable for the skin, can also be a cause as they do not absorb sweat like those made of cotton.
  • Normally, socks should be changed twice a day in order to maintain the hygiene of the feet.
  • Walking for a long period can also cause feet vesicles.
  • Too high humidity can also be an important factor. If it rains outside and the water enters the shoes, so humidity reaches the feet, blisters may be formed on the skin.
  • Regularly, blisters appear when wearing new shoes made of rough leather, when wearing too tight sports shoes or when wearing high heel shoes for a very long period of time.
  • In the case of hands, blisters appear due to working, using some gardening tools, a cane, hammer and other objects.
  • Allergic reactions, infections and viral diseases are other causes that lead to the apparition of these vesicles.
  • The external factors that cause blisters are: intense exposure to direct sunlight, or the contact between the skin and poisonous plants, chemical substances, detergents, etc.
  • Certain medicines can lead to skin eruptions in the shape of blisters, which are associated with a lowered immune system of the body.

Blisters can often create the sensation of itchiness, pain, burn, while if pressure exists in the place where they have appeared, they can break and thus the superior layer of the skin is destroyed – the wound is destroyed and the pathogen agents can cause inflammations and severe infections. If the skin is pinched, pressed or crushed while the vesicle forms, a small superficial blood vessel may break, so the space between the layers of the tegument is filled with blood. This is the case of the sanguinolent vesicle (with a dark color); if infection is formed, the vesicle is known as purulent (its color id yellow or green). Regardless of the way they manifest, more or less intense according to the case, these symptoms should not be ignores, but treated accordingly, even when they seem not to cause severe problems.

Preventing and treating vesicles:

  • In simple situations when a blister appears, healing requires the following procedure: boil a needle for 15 minutes, sting the vesicle in maximum 2 places in order to eliminate the liquid, but carefully, without breaking the epidermis completely; otherwise, the healing process will be prolonged. After removing almost all the liquid in order to avoid supplementary pressure and protect it from other damages, clean the place with a little oxygenated water and apply a Rivanol bandage. You can also bandage the surface with gauze when the wounded surface is larger.
  • In order to calm the pain in the case of vesicles with puss or blood, you can add an ice bag on the area. This is applied on a towel in order not to touch the skin directly (which is sensitive enough already) and hold it for at least 10 minutes.
  • In more complicated cases of skin eruptions, it is recommended to go see a specialist. If a viral disease led to such eruptions, a treatment is needed to heal according to diagnosis.
  • Antibiotics are recommended for treated infected vesicles.
  • For prevention, try more shoe models in order to choose the most comfortable version; also, use cotton socks that absorb sweat, with the right size, of course.
  • Use talcum powder in order to reduce the rubbing between the feet and the shoes as much as possible.
  • Using creams for solar protection factor against solar radiation in those moments of the day when the sun is powerful is necessary for avoiding sunburns.

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