Find out what are the natural remedies for dry elbows


One of the frequent problems women encounter is that of having dry elbows. On the body, there are more sensitive areas, one of them being that of the elbows. Often, women forget to pay attention to this area and this is why they can get to have a dry, rough and cracked skin of the elbows. During the winter, this problem can go unnoticed, but can become an annoyance during the summer, which can bother many.

The main causes of dry elbows:

  • Certain imbalances of the endocrine glands can cause such problems of the skin in the area of the elbows.
  • The improper care of the skin can lead to it becoming dry, while the aspect of the elbows will deteriorate.
  • There are dermatological problems that can make the elbows turn dry, such as psoriasis.
  • The vitamin A and E deficit is an important factor that favors the apparition of dry elbows.
  • Temperature changes can cause the deterioration of the skin and dryness.
  • External factors like synthetic clothes can affect the skin as well.

Natural remedies for dry elbows:

  • Even though some people have the tendency to use pumice or other aggressive methods, it is best to give up on them. In this case, it is best to use plant products to exfoliate the skin and make it softer, which will improve the aspect of the elbows.
  • If the body does not have enough vitamin A and E, one should eat foods rich in these vitamins.
  • The lemon is a natural remedy for the skin. One should cut a lemon in two, take a half and massage the area of the elbows. This treatment is great for exfoliating the skin, whitening the skin and removing the unpleasant spots. At the end, cleanse the area with cold water and apply a hydrating cream.
  • Olive oil is efficient for the skin, so massage the elbows with a little olive oil for 10 minutes.
  • The exfoliating mask with sodium bicarbonate and lemon juice helps remove dead cells and skin spots.
  • Fish oil is a good remedy for ameliorating itches in the area of the elbows.
  • Hydrating creams are recommended for the treatment of the skin of the elbows; the massage is made clockwise. Natural creams based on chamomile, nettle, marigolds and plantain are recommended for treating dry skin.
  • Cosmetic masks based on sour cream lemon juice, peroxide and a little salt help treat dry elbows. They are applied in a thin layer on the skin for a quarter of an hour and then are removed with warm water.
  • The scrub made with brown sugar and a little olive oil is a good remedy for cracked skin.
  • If the skin has an unpleasant aspect, then you should add a little glycerin and lecithin in your massage products.
  • Applying compresses with citrus juice (lemon, grapefruit) helps reduce red spots on the elbows and treat the fissures and local bruises found on the skin.
  • Also, sauerkraut juice can whiten the skin, while raw cabbage leaves eliminate the redness of the skin.
  • Vegetal oil smoothes and feeds the skin of the elbows. Apply a little oil on the fingers and massage the skin for about 10 minutes until it is absorbed in its layers. Excess oil should be removed with a piece of cotton. This treatment can be made every day until the skin recovers and has a better aspect.
  • Honey has emollient properties for the skin, being used without problems. It can be mixed with vegetal oil; olive and almond oil are the best for this purpose.

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