Flabby Arms – Tone Up Your Arms


Getting rid of flabby arms can sometimes be challenging, but that’s because most of the time the most important key components are missing from your workouts.

You don’t have to be at the gym working out your arms everyday to get rid of the unwanted fat. Overworking out a muscle will only have a negative impact towards the results and can actually slow down your progress.

If your spending more than 15 minutes on your biceps and 15 minutes on your triceps then your overworking them out, leading to poor results.

Your arms need to rest at least 24-36 hours before working them out again just like any other muscle on your body, this gives enough time for the muscle fibers to fully repair themselves after a hard workout.

Women often skip arm workouts, assuming that it will only generate muscle and make them look muscular but that’s not the case. Working out your arms will help your build upper body strength that can assist you on other exercises, but it also helps tone up the muscle by burning the fat from it.

How To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms

Remember that if you want to get rid of the flabby arms you need to have these simple points in mind.

  • Keep Your Repetitions High (24-26 repetitions per set)
  • No More Than 4 Sets Per Exercise
  • Use Light Weight (light enough to perform up to 26 repetitions but heavy enough to make your 26th repetition the last one of the set)
  • Fast and Controlled Repetitions (keep the repetitions in a fast rhythm)

Flabby Arms – Keep Your Repetitions High

This is one of the most important key components for getting rid of those unwanted flabby arms.

If you’re keeping your repetitions low due to having too much weight, then you will only increase the size of your arms making them look bigger while increasing your strength. Since we aren’t trying to increase muscle size, we need to have our repetitions in the 20′s with light weight.

The weight you will be using needs to be heavy enough that you cant go past 24-26 repetitions, but light enough to be able to do all of them with the last 3 repetitions struggling to finish. This is the perfect “weight” you should be using if you want to get rid of the flabby arms.

Flabby Arms – No More Than Four Sets Per Exercise

Working out your arms shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes to complete, anything longer than that and your slowing down your progress big time.

Spend about 15 minutes on your biceps and 15 minutes on your triceps, if you have extra time you could also spend about 5 minutes on your forearms as well.

Recommended: 3 different exercises for your biceps with 4 sets on each exercises, the same goes for your triceps.

Use Light Weight

As we mentioned earlier above, you need your repetitions high and for that to happen you need  to lower down the amount of weight you are using.

Keep the weight light, but don’t go too light because then you will just be wasting your time at the gym. Make sure you weight is heavy enough to make your exercises challenging but to also keeping the numbers in tact.

If you would like to gain muscle mass you would need to do the opposite, lift heavy with low repetitions. If you don’t want to increase muscle size we suggest you stick with the light weight and high repetitions program.

Fast and Controlled Repetitions

This is simple, keep yourself motivated and focused on your workout if you want results. Performing slow repetitions or negative repetitions will cause you to gain strength but also muscle size.

We need to focus on getting rid of the flabby arms before you try to gain muscle size, if that’s what you’re after that is.

Best Exercises For Flabby Arms

Top bicep exercises for getting rid of the flabby arms.

  • Barbell Curls (3 Sets x 24 Repetitions)
  • Alternating Dumbbell Curls (3 Sets x 24 Repetitions)
  • Bicep Cable Curls (3 Sets x 26 Repetitions)

Top Tricep Exercises for getting rid of the flabby arms.

  • Tricep Cable Pushdown (3 Sets x 26 Repetitions)
  • Dumbbell Tricep Extensions (3 Sets x 24 Repetitions)
  • Reverse Grip Tricep Pushdown (3 Sets x 26 Repetitions)

It’s not difficult to get rid of flabby arms, but you must have the key components down during your workout or you can really slow down your progress.

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