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Fun Workouts that Burn Calories!

Working out and fun aren’t two words that you typically see associated together, but why not? Who says that your workouts have to be boring and a struggle just to get through? There are so many ways you can exercise, and a lot of workouts can be great fun for you. By taking advantage of these, you’ll be able to burn fat and calories without counting down the minutes until you’re done. Try out some of the fun workouts that are listed below and soon enough you’ll be counting down the minutes until you can exercise next!


1. Skiing/Snowboarding:fun workouts include skiing

If you have a lot of snow in your area, then get out in it and have some fun! Skiing, snowboarding and even sledding will burn a considerable amount of calories and you won’t even realize it. Most people can spend an entire day outside in the snow before they realize just how exhausted they are. Try it for yourself with a friend and you will have a great time working out your entire body in the snow.

2. Dancing:

Dancing is an excellent calorie burning exercise, and it’s something you can do at the club, in your living room or anywhere else you feel like getting your groove on. In fact, it can burn around 150 calories in 30 minutes, depending on how much you weigh and how quickly you’re moving it. Dance for a little bit every day and you’ll soon be losing more weight without having to suffer through long sessions at the gym.

Tip: If you do like going to the gym, then ask them if they offer dance classes like Zumba. This is a fun method of exercise that will get you moving to some fun music.

3. Video Games:

It might sound weird to exercise with video games, but it’s something that you definitely can do. There are now more workout games available for consoles like the Wii and Xbox than ever. For example, you could get Just Dance 2014 for the Xbox and dance your weight to weight loss! This game actually counts the number of calories you burn based on your moves, so you can track your calories during your dance session.

There are also other games available, including those with sports and even some for kickboxing. If you already have a gaming system, then why not pick up some of these games? They are affordable, easy to find and won’t take up any extra space in your home. One intense session of kickboxing or dancing could burn around 300 calories, which isn’t bad for something you enjoy doing!

4. Hula Hooping:

Hula hoops only cost a few dollars and it is an exceptionally fun workout, especially if you have kids. Move one of these around your hips constantly and vigorously and you’ll burn a considerable number of calories. For example, hula hooping can burn around 400 calories for someone who weighs 150 pounds.

Tip: Have a contest with your friends or family members so you are motivated to move fast!dog walking is a fun workout

5. Walking Your Dog:

If you have a dog, then get outside and take your dog for a walk to the local dog park. Once you’re there, play frisbee with them for a half an hour. Your dog will absolutely love this time exercising and playing with you, and you’ll burn a lot of calories. Do this once a day or every other day and you’ll burn several hundred calories with each session.

6.  Swimming:

If you have easy access to a pool and enjoy getting into the water, then swimming is an exercise that you should be doing. It can burn around 500 calories per hour, depending on how much you are exercising in the pool. Even better, this type of workout is easy on the joints, so it’s great if you have problems with your knees or arms if you can’t do regular weight-bearing exercises.

Tip 1: Time yourself on laps around the pool and try to get a better time every week. By doing this you’ll have a goal to work towards.

Tip 2: Join a pool workout group at your local swim center to learn new workouts you can do in the water.

Are you ready to workout and have fun while you’re doing it? If so, then try any of these fun workouts listed above. Of course you can still spend time at the gym if you wish, but it’s not required all the time. You can still burn lots of calories by exercising at home or doing something fun if you really like it and have a great attitude about doing it!

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