Habits to help live a long life


Due to a very busy day, care of our health may not possible. So sometimes our body and mind became ill. The appearance of the signs of age, unwittingly increases the weight, body skin, hair and how everything was so dirty. So before anything to keep his body healthy.So Please note that you will need to do that to stay healthy.

Extended the hand of friendship

The heavier weights of friendships are more you will be good visible. Good friends,will create a support network that works will be easier if on the side of the hard work. A good friend stay at your bad time. Critical big role in any decision on the case. There are many things that may not be shared with the family. At that time, increases stress on the heart strength.Staying with friendly environment human body made oxytocin , which is a function of the brain is quiet.

Work stands

Maybe you still have morning and evening walk, or maybe the occasional exercise, but working at her desk all day is not healthy at all. When you’re seated, then lowers your blood circulation, erosion is very low calorie, sugar metabolism is almost fixed, and it is off the enzyme that helps the body break fats. So do not sit continuously. Working hours talking on the phone and talk for a few minutes walk. Go drink some tea and coffee. That will not sit continuously. If you’ve been standing for 5-10 minutes every hour, all day after work, you’ll feel a lot better.


Just two time brush your teeth daily is not protect oral hygiene. After a lot of time to brush between your teeth once in the stomach, which may contain many harmful things to heart disease, diabetes and even may increase the risk of diseases like arthritis. So regular floss you may reduce the risk of many unwanted diseases.

Keep a diet of vegetables

Place the vegetables in the daily menu. Both are cooked or raw vegetables have plenty of Antioxidant and Phytochemicals. However, raw vegetables than cooked vegetables much more effective, because nutrition slightly reduced after cooking. Keep it to one cup of raw vegetables daily diet.

Think Positive

Positive attitude and light-hearted to life will help you live a long time .For keep a positive outlook on your brain function, increase memory power, reduce depression and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Keep BMI

Keep your balance between weight and height. To calculate your BMI. If you are in your height and weight of 25-30 then does not balance. And over 30 means you’re health risk. Remember, overweight make possibility diabetes, heart disease, stroke and increases the risk of colon cancer.

Eat lots of nuts

Eat nuts every day that you will be more healthy. Eating nuts reduce your high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the risk of Insulin Resistance

Get regular exercise

Many of us who think that exercise is important for just fatty man. But the truth is if you’ve just health and weight acquirers you need to exercise 10-15 minutes per day. There are also many other benefits of exercise without weight loss. This will better your mood, hormone balance, and will be strong bones, cholesterol level, above all, you will be just fit perfectly.

Eat Healthy

Begin your breakfast with a healthy diet, which will help keep you healthy all day. Food Such a thing that without it we can’t live. Eat healthy food, and need to know which foods are not suitable in our body . This does not mean that you never do not eat junk food outside. Of course you can eat, but not too much.

Take sleep 7 hours per day

Sleeping 7 hours on a regular basis to stay healthy is the most important. sleep better will help you to Keep your body and mind healthy. Moreover, on the day that the pressure of the body and the brain for 7 hours of sleep on a regular basis is very important to keep fit.

Drink water

Drinking of water is the most important thing to stay healthy. Many of us who take coffee, tea, soft drink’s without drink enough water, but all of us should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Wherever you go do not forget to take a bottle of water.

Take vitamins every day

It is a too small job in which you will be healthy. Do not forget to eat multivitamin every day. This will prevent defects and vitamins your body. Consult your doctor before taking any vitamin to make sure. Because doctor will tell you the which vitamins needs in your body.

Stay safe vehicles

For Our Profession or others we need to go out of home everyday. But the means to remain in the mind of terror. Because so many vehicles to sail through the streets, there is always fear in the mind of any accident. So if you are traveling in your own car,do not forget tie seat belt, and all other vehicles moving carefully.

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