How to Gain Weight


The personality and the muscles power have a great importance in our life. Everyone is agreed upon the fact that the muscle power is a vital factor to live and is the need of everyone. But there is a conflict on the factor of weight. In this regard there are two types of persons.

1. Those who want to lose the weight.

2. Those who want to increase weight.

The number of people who want to increase the weight is not less than those who want to lose it. The weight does matter in our personality. Your weight makes an impression in other’s mind. If you have a reasonable weight, you remain in the eyes of others and are never neglected. It is a problem to be over slim. If you are over slim and weak, you cannot attract the people in the first meeting. You look limited and under pressured. You are often under estimated. Moreover, the weakness creates many problems and complications in the life. So, most of the people want to gain more weight.

How to Gain Weight?

There are many things that affect our weight gain process. Many types of exercises and food supplements have a big role in our weight management. In this article we shall discuss how to gain weight with foods.

Our weight depends upon the following things.

1. What do we eat?

2. How much we digest, convert and store in our body?

3. How much we use or lose?

So in common sense the weight gain formula may be like this.

Weight Gain = Digested, converted and stored…. (Minus) ……..used and lost

It means that we are to do 3 things. First of all increase the quality and quantity of our intakes. I mean food. Second is to increase the capacity of digestion and conversion of the food. And the third is to control the consumption. This control does not mean to decrease the consumption. The consumption of the energy and fat is useful. We are just to mange it’s over usage and spoilage.

All the other factors are linked to the above mentioned formula. Our general health, our foods, our routine work, our exercises, our diseases and our energy consumption, all are covered in these three factors. So if we control these three factors we can control our weight. We can gain or lose the weight. Now let’s take a cup of tea and see how we can control these factors to gain weight.

The Assessment of Food

Each food contains specific nutrients. We need different types of foods to fulfill our physical needs. There are numerous types of vitamins, carbohydrates, fat and so many other compounds which we need in different quantities. The main thing is to assess the needs of our body. Although the basic needs are similar, however there are many things that vary in quantity from body to body. The assessment may be made with the following methods.

1. Simply see what are you eating and what not? Observe the effect of your foods. What is effecting and what is not effecting. You are the best doctor of your own.

2. Have a complete check up of your body. Take prescription of the doctor. What is lacking in your body and what types of foods may fulfill it.

3. Make a chart of your meal menu. Check their nutritional capacity. Fill up the gaps. Add the foods which are necessary but missing.

These steps will give you the answers of the following questions.

1. What to eat?

2. How much to eat?

3. When to eat?

and even that,

4. What not to eat?

More Food – More Weight

The answer of all the questions is very simple. Eat what effects best. Eat everything you feel good. All that matters is our food, a good and more food. For Example suppose you digest 30% of one day food. You see that 30% digested food is not working well to increase the weight. You think that at least 60% of one day food must be digested and converted to gain more weight. So the simple solution is to make your daily food double. Your stomach will digest 60%. Even if you think that excessive eating is decreasing the working of your stomach, and it digests only 50% of your doubled food. Then what to do to gain 60%?

Once again simply add more to your food (Provided that the stomach is not ill). At last you will get 60% or more to get the required quantity. So your weight will increase on daily bases. If you see that the increase in food is not effecting, then there is something wrong with your digestion system and liver. Let them be checked by a doctor.

Foods to Gain Weight

1. Select the diary products which are full of carbohydrates (Starch), calories and protein like bread, egg and milk mixed products. These help much to gain weight.

2. Increase the ratio of chicken, beef and mutton. Use vegetables in salad. Always take yogurt in the meal. Keep the quantity of yogurt more in the breakfast, less in the lunch and lesser in the dinner. The salad and yogurt speeds up your digestion. By salad I mean what you eat raw and additional with your foods, like onion and tomato pieces and leaves of vegetables.

3. Be regular to eat rice, potatoes and banana. These foods really increase the weight.

4. Always eat something sweet after each meal. The glucose and the fructose increase the storage power and consequently the weight is increased.

5. Always keep a jar of honey on the dining table. Take a spoon of honey after every meal. The honey does its best to let the stomach absorb the most of your food.

6. Use one spoon of “Husk of Ispaghole” after each dinner. This single thing can make your weight double if all other things go straight.

7. The water is best to drink during the meal. But for gaining weight, the maximum water should be taken after finishing the meal. It stops the food for maximum time to be absorbed. There is a specific water taking plan to increase or decrease the weight and needs a separate article. I will try to make this one too.

8. Always eat in the earliest times. Take the breakfast early in the morning. Have the lunch before noon and eat the dinner before night. It will make you able to eat something additional during internal time gaps.

9. Eat some fruits, milk and heavy fruit juices like mango or banana after noon and late night.

10. Take 1/2 liter milk in the breakfast and 1 liter of it before sleeping.

11. In the summer season mix up the 1/4 kg yogurt, 1/4 liter milk 2 spoons sugar and enough quantity of crushed ice. Shake it well and drink in the breakfast.

12. Make the peppermint a main ingredient of your cooked foods. It eliminates the chances of overeating phenomena.

13. Always keep noting that what effects good on your weight and what does bad. If you gained the weight in the previous month, then think!

  • What have you been eating and doing?
  • what you have been not eating and not doing?
  • Simply increase the foods and activities which remained best for your weight.
Some necessary Activities to Gain Weight

1. Never walk too long after having meal. But take at least 40 steps of walking. Take about one hour rest after lunch. This one is must.

2. Avoid the tooth paste. Use the twig of the KEEKAR daily instead of paste.

3. Take at least 15 minutes rest after every eating. Never eat in the walking or standing positions.

4. While walking, let your belly move fast. It will digest the food fast and prepare you for the next meal.

You are to be Consistent to Gain Weight.

You should keep in mind that the food is not a medicine which will show results in minutes. The food makes you weighty just in case that you remain consistent to special foods. If you eat good foods just for few days it will not work well but just a few ounce increases. You will have to do it for months and once it is achieved, then try to keep it.

The second thing is that the weight gained from food is much better than that of from supplement. It will make your health glowing. It will make you fresh, healthy and energetic.

You can ask any question in the comment box here. May you live a healthy life!

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