How to Get Rid of Acne in 1 Day Naturally


I think you are worried about your acne and you want to treat it just now. It happens when some special day is near and by the way if all is going well, every day is a special day. I am going to tell you very simple things by which you will be able to get rid of your acne before tomorrow You will feel it as easy as just to read this article sitting in your chair comfortably provided that your chair is comfortable. So let’s start.

Prepping Your Face
1. A Soft Wash

The first thing to deal with your acne is an excellent washing. You know that a clean skin is a clean deal. The bacteria of acne rest in your skin pores. Washing makes most of them washed out. You can use any good quality acne wash. Mix up your acne wash in slight warm water, rub on your face and wash it gently. Better not to use a cloth. Hand washing is natural and better because when you wash with your hands, you have a better judgment of everything happening to your skin. Also remember that too hot or too cold water is bad for your skin. Repeated washes with abnormal temperature water may make your skin rough and rigid.

2. Exfoliation

Exfoliation means to wipe away the top layer of the dead acne cells. I know that some women do it lot but this too is dangerous if done in excess. I recommend exfoliating the skin once per week. Actually this process clears the inner natural fine skin. Please do it gently and softly.

3 Rinsing

This time we will use cold water. Warm water opens the skin pores, makes the acne holes empty and loosen the nearby cells. Cold water will do it as that of a repair. It will make your skin tight and closed for irrelevant entries. So Rinse your skin with cold water but be always gentle to your skin to keep it gentle.

These are common things perhaps you often do. But all three processes are necessary for the acne treatment. Now I will tell you some instant methods to deal with your acne.

First Instant Treatment – benzyl peroxide

Benzyl peroxide is a substance available in markets and used for acne skin treatment. Perhaps a lot of women do not know that 2.5 per cent concentrated benzyl peroxide is enough. The higher concentrations work exactly equal to this amount. So no higher potency is required. Benzyl peroxide does the followings for you.

1. It kills the pimple related bacteria on acne skin.

2. Removes the dead cells layer of epidermis.

3. Makes the skin brighter

4. Revitalize the skin without an unnecessary change in it.

Second Instant Treatment – Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid works with the same manner as the benzyl does. It additionally helps skin to remove the unnecessary, dead and weekend cells. Use it before you go to bed. Do not forget to wash your face finely before using salicylic acid.

Third Instant Treatment – Toothpaste

Many women use toothpaste to deal with their acne. In fact the toothpaste does not finish acne at once. It just reduces the size of the pimples to the ending stage. However toothpaste is good instant acne treatment. Toothpaste is used before sleeping and it would have done its work till the morning. You will find your acne decreased to an acceptable size. There are three precautions in this case.

  • First is that your toothpaste should not contain silica. Silica may adversely dry up your skin.
  • Second is that it should contain natural ingredients. Extra chemicals may damage your skin.
  • Third is that your toothpaste should not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. This chemical can create irritation on your skin.
Fourth Instant Treatment – Tea Tree Oil

This oil is sterile vital oil that may discharge the microorganisms residing in the pores of your skin. With a dropper, apply a Q-Tip with a bit of tea tree oil to infected skin as much as required. But do not use it in excess. It will reduce the severity of inflammation and size of the acne spots.

Short Tips on Instant treatment of Acne
Peel of Banana – Banana peels helps treat the insects’ bites and skin pimples. Rub it on the skin to reduce your acne.

Tomato – The acid in tomato is an excellent ointment for skin. This acid helps your skin by closing the extra pores and providing a support against bacteria. Cut a tomato in two pieces and apply each piece on both sides of the face. This tip is also for common conditions too when you have no acne. It makes your skin clean, watery and glowing.

Home Remedy – You can apply the mixture of banana peel, little salt, 1 spoon of vinegar and 1 spoon maple syrup. Keep this mixture on your face from 5 to 10 minutes and wash it out.

Aspirin – Grind aspirin, make a paste in water and apply on the acne skin before sleeping.

Green Tea – A successful antioxidant and skin supplement. Keep a tea bag in the warm water for some time and then apply it on the acne spot straight from water to the skin with the maximum water along with the bag.

Lemon extract – Rubbing a cut piece of lemon help reduce the pimples.

Witch hazel – It also works best if is free of alcohol. Apply it on the skin until it dries.

Necessary Things
  • Do not touch your skin again and again. It will cause transfer of germs.
  • Popping of pimples is not a healthy activity. It causes irritation; redness and sometimes a little swelling too. So why not avoid it?
  • Don’t be sensitive about your pimples. You are human beings and everyone can face these conditions any time.
  • Consult your doctor in serious conditions.
  • Everything on this page is information and suggestion but not a medical recommendation. Do always according to your skin conditions.

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