How to Get Rid of Back Pain- Simple Exercises for Back Pain


How to Get Rid of Back Pain

Alright, today’s topic is the one that distresses us all. Whether you are a blue collar or a white collar, work gets you in the stage when you hold your back and wish to get out of this sharp pain in your back. There is a moment that is undeniably painful for even kids these days and even the housewives. But wait; there are some Simple Exercises For How To Get Rid Of Back Pain to get you back in the shape.

This is, unfortunately, the undeniable fact that most of the world’s population suffers from the backache problems. Like we mentioned just now, that no matter if you are a computer geek, or a hard worker taking the job physically, or even a mother holding the fort of your family 24×7. Women as compared to men get engulfed by these troubles quite easily. And reaching the age of 35, the signs become the symptoms. Why be late taking the preventive measures when they are free and effective? All you have to manage is some time to keep you stand tall and strong.

What Makes the Back Pain Rise- How to Get Rid of Back Pain

Too much workload leads to strain and muscles get exhausted with more pressure as you keep ignoring that your body also is a mechanism that needs proper rest and relaxation. Even the physical trainers who keep others fit can fall victim to the back pains. Lifts and heavyweights in the Gym, too much bending and pulling up at work, sitting in the same position at work, or incorrect posture are the major and the most common causes. If not taken seriously now, they might become a serious trouble just making it worse for you.

The Escape Plan:

In the following segment, we have some tips on basic exercises that you can start over now. To fulfill your concerns you can seek your Physiotherapist’s guidance. Not all the human bodies are built the same way, but you can build it stronger to tackle such troubling pains. So this is how the escape plan goes with Simple Exercises For How To Get Rid Of Back Pain.

Warming Up:

As the rule says, regardless of the fact that you are stronger to take the rigor workouts, you have to start the process slowly and smoothly. Start taking light exercises. Just walk simply, get into the rhythm. Go for a morning or an evening walk for at least about 30 minutes. The first thing to do after waking up is to give a full and gentle body stretch by bending your back forward and try touching the toes. It is ok if you can’t reach your toes nobody does it the first time. As you keep doing it regularly, go for fast walks (Brisk walking).

Simple Exercises To Get Rid of Back Pain 


This is what the professional athletes do as a part of their daily routine. Soon as you feel that you should start doing the next level, start with lunges. Just a regular set for 5-8 minutes is enough to help you grow your legs and spine strong. The thigh muscles, glutes, lower back and knees are in action while you perform some lunges. You give it constant touch, you get a stronger version of you. Way to do it is simple, stand straight and place your one knee forward at 90 degrees with a maximum gap of 2-feet between your limbs. Give a little stretch and recoil your initial position. Repeat the same cycle for the other leg.

Bottom to Heels Stretch

This exercise will stretch your spine and provide the mobility to your back which is much needed. Not just the back, it gets your legs and hind limbs in a better state and shape. This is how you have to do it. Kneel down with the knees below hips and hands beneath the shoulders. With neck kept long and straight, don’t bend your lower back too much. Keep your elbows unlocked and have your shoulders back. Now do the process of taking your buttocks backward leveling the spinal curve and breathe deeply as you hold the stretch. Repeat the same process at least 8-10 times.

Knee Rolls

Knee rolls are another way to keep your spine in tone and your legs apart from weakness. Have a cushion to rest your head at. Lie on your back, bend your knees together. Up to the top half with chin tucked in gently. Now roll your knees on a side with pelvis following the knees and shoulders resting on the ground. Take a deep breath per stretch and release it when recoiling to the initial position. Repeat the cycle for a minimum of 9-10 times trying the other sides.

Back extensions

This technique is the most preferred by physiotherapists and physical trainers. How to start it is given here: Lie down on your stomach, rely your weight on your elbows stretching your spine. Straighten your neck and back your shoulders. Bend back a little by pushing down on your hands. You’ll start feeling a light stretch on your abdominal muscles while bending backward. Breathe in and hold for 5-10 seconds exhale when you get back to the initial position.

Yoga and Pranayam

This is the most suitable and healthy way to lead a simple and pain-free life. Yoga is the Indian form of technique adopted years ago to get rid of even the incurable diseases. Now the western world is following the same trails to get cured and vital results for their body’s growth. Even the medical sciences are taking research based on ancient times techniques to help patients with strains and chronic illness. To get you more help, find some helpful “Pranayam” and “Aasans” on Youtube and kick-start your routine.

There are some heavy techniques for some of our readers and concerned heads. But, as a starter, we suggest you go with these mentioned above. Before starting, you have to get a proper place, be it in your home, backyard. or even your room. Take some cushion for your feet, body, and a mat to perform all these exercises. These were our tips on some day-based Simple Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Pain. Stay in touch to stay healthy and beautiful.

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