How to Improve Your Sex Life


How to improve your sex life is somewhat a “taboo” question. It implies that you are struggling in your sex-life and in far less cases; your partner is. Searching for a thing like how to improve your sex life creates a lot of stress in the mind of the person. From going down to lowest self-esteem; it can make people cry and desperate. This is why Good Healthy World has decided to come up with a very strong article/blog /post on “How to Improve Your Sex Life” that can help one in improving his/her sex life. And do not forget sex is the most important part of one’s life that directly influences the life of his/her partner.

Little Introduction about Sex

Sex is a sort of word that can evoke a kaleidoscope of emotions. It can be termed as an emotion that showcases love, promotes excitement & tenderness. Or it can be termed as something that showcases feeling for something desperately, anxiety or maybe disappointment. In reality, the sex word can evoke emotions as per one’s personality & state of mental and physical health.

Still… What is Sex?

Technically, sex is a process in which a male inserts his penis into the vagina of the female so that reproduction process can take place for the survival of species through offsprings. This is the most basic definition of sex.

But since we are talking about how to improve your sex life, the real modern definition would be, “Sex is a making-love activity in which the partners holds each other bodies passionately, kiss each other like mad love-birds and drive each other to exciting highs and lows of wonderful life experiences.”

Steps on How to Improve Your Sex Life

Following are the most basic yet most essential steps on how to improve your sex life:

  • Talk to your partner about sex.
  • A couple that researches, always flourishes.
  • Healthy couple, Happy & sex-driven couple.
  • Creative couple, the most sexiest in bed.

Sounds a bit cheesy for “how to improve your sex life”? Nope. Infact, once you will read about all these points in detail, you will realize the value they carry and how much impact they would have in your future sex life. So let us start discussing these points one by one.

Talk to Your Partner about Sex

Many of us find it hard to talk about sex. We shy away from having discussions on this topic. But we have to realize that in order to avoid any sexual problems within a relationship; we must communicate with each other. Not only, would this lead to a healthy sex life but would also improve your emotional bond with your partner.

Be Open With Your Partner Image

Be Open With Your Partner

Following are the tips to tackle this sensitive subject for you:

  • Find the Right Time to Talk

    One must always remember that we can have only two types of sexual discussions. One that you make in while in bed and the other in more neutral place(s). Disclose your sexual desires in the middle of lovemaking and for larger issues like mismatched sexual desire or troubled orgasms, go for a walk in the park.

  • Don’t Criticize

    We would advocate find right ways to speak things that you do not like. It simply means that you should not criticize your partner. For instance, if you do not like the way your partner touches your hair, then you can say something like this, “I really love the way you touch my hairs so lightly” instead of, “Please do not touch my hairs like that.”

  • Confide In Your Partner

    Rather than telling your partner that you no longer get erections because she doesn’t arouse you; tell her that how she can help you get aroused again for sex. That’s is how you should be confiding in your partner.

  • Honesty is the Best Policy

    Do not fake “anything” in your bed. If you do, then temporarily you would be able to make your partner happy but in long run it will have devastating effects on your relationship.

A Couple that Researches, Always Flourishes

This is an integral part of how to improve your sex life. In today’s world if we encounter sexual problems, we can go to medications alongside sex therapists. But if the issues are not that huge, then one should be able to sort that out by himself\herself. This can easily be done by making few minor adjustments in your sex life.

Explore Yourself & Your Partner Image

Explore Yourself & Your Partner

So let us find more about these tweaks in the following lines:

  • Educate Yourself & Your Partner

    It means that to improve your sex life and your partner, you fellows can do online research on materials related to sex. If you fellows like anything in particular then get that printed and highlighted and make sure to follow it when you get in bed the next time.

  • Handle Your Privacy Concerns Appropriately

    This means that when you guys like something in particular but are not comfortable in ordering it online or using your credit card for that matter; then go to a nearby sex store and pay up with cash. This tendency is absolutely normal. So rather than worrying about it, just go outside and buy up and come back to bed and enjoy.

  • Accept to Work Hard with Time

    If you are totally serious in knowing how to improve your sex life, then you must accept that rather than pushing boundaries, take it low and slow. It refers to a point in time where extra efforts is required to reach ecstasy level or orgasm for your partner; in comparison to the past. So rather than worrying about why she ain’t reaching orgasm; you should just enjoy sex. The longer it lasts, the more fun it is.

  • Use Lubrication whenever Required

    Vaginal dryness occurs during perimenopause. This can result in painful sex. Don’t worry about. Just get it lubricated with some relevant liquids and gels. Though, if it doesn’t help you; then you must go and see a doctor.

  • Touching is Feeling

    Tell each other how you fellows would like to be touched. And then see the magic happen. Your intimacy would be back in no time and you will enjoy a great sex.

Healthy Couple, Happy & Sex-Driven Couple

This is the third most important part of your quest for how to improve your sex life. Keep a close eye on this part of your quest for how to improve your sex life.

Get Healthy to have Healthy Sex Image

Healthy You-Healthy Sex Life

Because, not only would it drive your sex forward but also would keep you fit physically. The details are as followed:

  • Stop Smoking

    This is the most simple point of how to improve your sex life. Do not smoke at all. It is extremely injurious to health and it adversely affects your sex life. It is because smoking contributes to the peripheral vascular disease. This in turn affects the blood flow to the penis, clitoris, and vaginal tissues.

  • Don’t Take Alcohol or Take in Moderation

    This is the most common point of how to improve your sex life. Everyone should know that alcohol dulls your central nervous system. This can also be translated into the fact that alcohol dilutes your reflexes senses miserably. And thus it adversely affects your performance in bed alongside your overall health.

  • Eat the Right Foods

    In your search for how to improve your sex life; you must always be on the lookout for foods that carry high nutritional values. It strengthens your body tissues and improves the blood flow. And ultimately, this helps you last longer in the bed.

  • Have Sex Regularly or Don’t Have it at All

    If you are given the penis and vagina for sex; then you should use it for that purpose. Don’t let them lay down for longer periods of time. The more sex you have, the more stronger your body gets.

Creative Couple, The Most Sexiest in Bed

This is the last part of how to improve your sex life. If you will follow these points as well, then you will no longer have to search for how to improve your sex life any longer.

Get creative in sex image

Be Creative-Make Creative

The details are as followed:

  • Go for An Adventure

    Haha. Sounds something funny. But have to ask. Did you have sex on the floor, in the kitchen, in the bath-tub? If you have not, then this is the right time for you. Go and search those spots within your house or even outside that you know would send adrenaline through your body “Big Time.”

  • Bring in Your Senses

    This is a very interesting point of how to improve your sex life. Bring in all your 5 senses into the game. From feeling the silk on the skin of your partner to a romantic melody on the radio, from the scent of flowers inside the room to the soft focu of candle light- bring everything into play. And see how the magic increases ten folds in 10 seconds. Guaranteed.

  • Say, “I Love to Play”

    be playful inside the bed and make sure your partner follows you. Does it really need any explaining guys? No. I thought so too (smiling & winking).

  • Creativity is An Art, So be Creative

    This mean trying out new sex positions, dirty talks, home-made sex videos, & using Sunday mornings for sex instead of Saturday nights. Personal Recommendation: Try sex toys or sexy lingerie to make things go wild and crazy.

Try these things and then see how our post of “How to Improve Your Sex Life” has transformed your life. Do not forget to comment and like us on your favourite social networks.

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