How to Manage Allergy and Symptoms


It’s not that beautiful flowers which make us scratch, sniff and whistled. A pollen from trees and grass and low planting things like carpet (Ah Choo!).

Here are some things you can do to alleviate your allergy:

1. Keep Windows and doors closed.

If the pollen count in your area, stay inside, and also keep your Windows and doors closed. Leave at “fresh” is not a good idea. Keep car Windows rolled up, too.

2. When you come from the outside, if you’ve got allergies, bathe and shampoo your hair.

This is one of the best things you can do, and one of the easiest. Caring for children in this regard. Keeps a good shower at night other allergens and dander out of pillows and sheets. Wash bedding frequently in hot water well with non-allergenic laundry products.

3. When the allergens in climax, stay inside.

Allergies are worse in the morning. Stay in a windy day, when pollen blows around. Collected pollen counts from previous data (recently), and she knows that things are going to get worse for us with sensitivity when the wind blows.

4. Avoid fans because they are circulate in the air, especially since the fan in the ceiling above the bed.

And be sure and clean the dust from the fan blades regularly. I think what can circulate.

5. Get your bedroom more friendly.

You may not be able to reduce the sensitivity-the whole House, but never sleeping. Remove anything that you collect dust – blinds, curtains, filled, carpets, books, and, unfortunately, Fido needs to sleep somewhere else. Use curtains and linoleum or tile flooring. If you must have carpet, be sure to vacuum and clean it regularly, try to keep children from playing on the ground. Can really collect carpet dog hair and dander.

Fido, speaking, are the best options for allergy friendly Maltese dog, Bichon frisé, he continued. Never, if you’re allergic to is best bets the Sphinx or rex.

6. Avoid places where templates.

This is usually the basement, mow the lawn, raking leaves, cleaning gutters, use humidifiers, leaving clothes in the washer.

Don’t let wet towels lying or loitering. Health care and the roof leaks immediately.

Don’t be the first open family cabin for the year; do not rush anywhere that she was locked up for a long time. If you use a tent for holidays, make sure you’ve aired it well before the flight.
Beware also of mold in refrigerated and jams, jelly, and healing, salty meats such as ham, bacon and salami, some types of cheese. Don’t sniff it, just throw it.

7. Bed covers water and sanitation much in temperature at least 130 degrees f and use hypoallergenic for mattresses, pillows and box springs. (Your bed full of dust mites).

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