Kangoo Jumps, irresistible fun that helps you lose weight


Just one hour of Kangoo Jumps can help you use 1000 calories! Kangoo Jumps represent an innovation in the world of fitness and jogging, being an unusual sport that allows you to combine the desire to exercise with fun, so that you get immediate and obvious benefits for your body. This sport is recommended to everyone, both for the young and the elderly. It is a method to get rid of back pain, lose weight and engage in a pleasant physical activity that will make you smile. Kangoo Jumps are recommended both for those that love sports and for less active people, who have a sedentary life.

Kangoo Jumps is an excellent program as well for children of all ages. It helps them transform their negative energy into positive energy, be more confident maintain their balance and the correct position of their body and increases the resistance of their organisms. In some states, such as California, Kangoo Jumps were introduced to be practiced in schools or as a treatment method for overweight, sedentary or autistic children. Kangoo Jumps is a sport that is recommended to all people, without exceptions. It offers you the possibility to do everything: jump, run, dance and do all sorts of aerobic exercises.

What are the advantages of practicing Kangoo Jumps?

  • You don’t need a special space for Kangoo Jumps. The exercises are made in the rhythm of the music in a gym or outside just as well, at home, in the park or in a pleasant place during the holidays.
  • They are easy to learn, fun, never boring and give you a state of euphoria and a feeling of freedom.
  • One needs a daily program of 10 minutes of Kangoo Jumps in order to get in shape for the entire day.
  • The aspect of the special Kangoo Jumps boots is similar to the one of skates, but they have two opposite springs instead of wheels, making them quite easy to use.
  • The structure of the Kangoo Jumps boots is perfect for the shape of the legs, while their effect is incredible for the entire body.
  • Through the way they are constructed, the boots reduce significantly the effect of the soil on the back and knees during jumps.
  • They have a system which protects very well the articulations of the legs, reducing the impact with the soil by as much as 80%.
  • Thus, you can say goodbye to articulation pain that occurs in the case of other aerobics exercises.
  • The jumps included in the Kangoo Jumps program are the most effective movement for maintaining the health of the organism.
  • Also, the Kangoo Jumps training offers you energy in the entire body and helps you reshape your figure harmoniously.
  • Kangoo Jumps can help you lose weight. They help you burn 50% more calories than in the case of using normal shoes.
  • Calories are also burned while staying in the same place as you need to make some effort in order to maintain your balance.
  • In just 60 minutes, Kangoo Jumps exercises can help you burn up to 1000 calories.
  • Kangoo Jumps exercises help you improve your mood, increase your confidence and help you release the stress accumulated during the day.
  • Through the repeated contractions of the muscles of the trunk, you will get to obtain a correct position of the body and will increase the flexibility of the spine. Also, you can improve the shape of the muscles in the area of the chest and thighs.
  • Through constant training, you can increase the resistance of the body and the cardiac rhythm. Jumps help you stimulate metabolism, reduce heart affections, improve the muscular tone and burn calories.
  • Kangoo Jumps exercises help you get rid of boredom and fill your body with energy.
  • Medics and Kangoo Jumps trainers confirm the fact that such exercises performed regularly help you improve your lymphatic, endocrine, muscular and cardiovascular systems. Kangoo Jumps movements help you eliminate toxins in the lymphatic system and in the entire body.
  • At first, you will do the exercises slowly, but then you will be able to jump and run with more confidence, without the fear of losing balance or falling; thus, the training will become more fun and relaxing.

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