Miscarriage – Causes and Risks


Causes of Miscarriage

The miscarriage is the loss of fetus. Everything that is harmful for the fetus may be the cause of the miscarriage. The real causes of miscarriage are not well known. The main and complicated cause of the miscarriage is chromosomal abnormalities. The chromosomes are microbiological structures that carry the genes and are responsible for the sex, structures and a lot of other vital factors. Sometimes the chromosomal complications take place and the fetus stops further growth. No exact reason of these complications is known. It does not depend upon the health of the mother and father and neither the time periods. It may take place even in most healthy conditions. However the chromosomal complication is not the only reason. There are a lot of other reasons for miscarriage which are not exact but are mostly observed.

  • Hormonal Problems
  • A strict starvation or underfeeding
  • Infection on the linings of womb or the body of fetus
  • Some medicines especially the drugs for acne etc may be the cause of miscarriage
  • Hard environmental conditions and contact to poisonous agents
  • The diseases of thyroid
  • Defects in the uterine functions
  • Some sever kind of radiations
  • Kidney diseases if got strict
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Smoking may harm the fetus and lead to miscarriage
  • Alcohol too may be dangerous
  • Over medications
  • Lupus and other defects of the human defense system
  • Inherited heart diseases
  • The cervix incompetency – Widening or opening of cervix in the middle of pregnancy without signs of labor
  • The Age – The risk of miscarriage increases by age. This risk is 12% till the age of 30 and rises to 25% near or above 40 years age. The chromosomal complications occur more in the higher age stages than that of lower ones.
  • The physical activities, tension and over sex are thought to be the cause of miscarriage but are not been proved to be the same.
  • The obesity may possibly lead to the miscarriage in some cases
  • Any kind of sever defect in the productive organs of the mother
Risks of Miscarriage

A woman is at risk of miscarriage until the heart of the baby does not start beating. Once the heart beat of the baby is detected, the chance or the risk of the miscarriage decreases gradually but still not zero. The fetus is the softest thing of the mother and should be cared very intensively.

The miscarriage has a lot of risks for the baby and the mother. It not only ends at the death of the baby but sometimes also alarms the life of mother too (In rare conditions). The complete abortion or miscarriage commonly harms nothing. It results in weakness and a little sexual disturbance. However other types of miscarriage may cause severe risks and complications. Some are described here:

In the infected abortion some parts, for instance parts of placenta, may stay behind in the womb or cervix that may lead to severe infection. This infection may serious for the mother. The mother may get high fever, continuous bleeding, abdominal cramps and heavy pains. Besides of bleeding a foul smelling discharge is also observed. Continuous bleeding, if not treated well, may be fatal for the mother. Even if treated it may cause weakness, anxiety and paralyzing conditions.

A premature delivery may be worse for the mother’s feelings and her mental conditions. She faces two troubles at one time. She loses her baby and blood along with facing heavy pains and unusual secretions. She is hurt physically and mentally. She needs a great ethical and medical care.

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