Miscarriage – Facts and Symptoms

What is Miscarriage?

The loss of fetus before natural labor time is divided into two terms. If the fetus is lost after 20 weeks of pregnancy, it is called preterm delivery. If the fetus is lost within 20 weeks of the pregnancy, it is called miscarriage. The miscarriage is a type of abortion and is often called spontaneous abortion. It does not refer to medical, surgical or self made abortion but the miscarriage is a natural kind of abortion.

There are many types of miscarriages. Each type is named with the nature and timings of fetus loss. The followings are the main conditions of fetus loss.

1. Inevitable Abortion – In this abortion the symptoms continuously appear but nothing can be done. This abortion gets must to take place.

2. Incomplete abortion – In this abortion the fetus and everything linked does not leave the body completely. Some or many of the tissues stay behind even after the abortion has taken place.

3. Complete abortion. Not only the fetus but all the tissues concerning to the conception are excreted.

4. Missed Abortion – Sometimes the pregnancy is lost. The fetus gets dead but does not excreted and stays inside the body. This is called missed abortion.

5. Infected Abortion – when the fetus or the womb gets infected, the pregnancy cannot proceed naturally. Even if the lining of the uterus or the remains of the fetus are infected, the pregnancy may lead to miscarriage and is called infected abortion. It is sometimes referred to as threatened miscarriage. The abdominal cramps take place, there may or may not be the vaginal bleeding. These symptoms indicate that the miscarriage may take place.

The March of Dimes Foundation (A United States nonprofit organization that works to develop the health of mothers and children) revealed that more than 50% pregnancies may not complete and end in miscarriage. The miscarriage mostly takes place within the first 90 days of the pregnancy. The miscarriage after first 20 weeks is rare and is called late miscarriage.

Symptoms of Miscarriage

Followings are the main symptoms that have been mostly observed before miscarriage.

  • Abdominal pain
  • Back pain – Mostly it is of a low level
  • Bleeding with or without pain – It is light in the start and gradually gets more and more.
  • Weakness due to unknown reason
  • Cramps that are sever
  • Fever
  • Secretions of material from vagina – This material may be like clots or some tissues like stuff.

When a mother feels difficulty in keeping the pregnancy, some signs like light bleeding may be experienced. It is an indication that there may be a miscarriage. But it may not be necessarily take place. The need is to attend the health care provider at the earliest.

Keep in mind that these symptoms may also be due to many other disorders, so only a doctor may recognize the real condition.

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