Musculoskeletal Health and Overall Well Being


Muscular and skeletal health is an important aspect of living well and remaining in good physical health, and when this is combined with all the other areas of life it results in a great overall well being. If ever a person is challenged by problems concerning the muscular and skeletal system of their bodies, such as a broken hip, torn rotator cuff etc, then it’s time for orthopedic surgeons to become involved.

Orthopedic Surgeons have been trained to diagnose and treat problems that take place within all the moving parts of the human body. These moving parts are known as the musculoskeletal system.

Orthopedic Surgeons Study An Extra Long Time

Typically surgeons specializing in this area have studied an extra 5 years over and above the years spent becoming a physician. Once completed, this type of doctor has the knowledge and also a license to perform surgeries as well as treat patients with orthopedic issues.

Within the area of orthopedics a doctor may also specialize in a sub category. Categories such as reconstructive surgery of a total joint, oncology of the musculoskeletal system, orthopedic traumas, spine surgery, pediatric orthopedics, ankles and feet, shoulders and elbows, hands and also they may enter into sports medicine.

About 700 New Surgeons Become Licensed Each Year

The best orthopedic surgeons are most of the time board certified. To qualify for this certification a surgeon has to undergo an intensive program where additional examinations related to the doctors surgical and clinical performance over the last 6 months is given, which they are required to pass.


Qualifying for this area of practice is incredibly competitive, which only produces around 700 new licensed practitioners per year. Having said that, this does seem like a low amount, which in the later years was of no concern, yet today this is a different story.

Obesity Is Causing A Need For More Specialized Doctors

In the last decade or so orthopedic surgery is on the rise in many countries due to an epidemic of obesity. This may be surprising to read about, as most news regarding health issues associated to being fat are typically, heart conditions, blood health, and gastric related problems, not joint problems.

When an individual becomes obese, it not only affects their heart and blood, it also affects their joints. Adding a lot of stress to knees, hips and ankles, over time creates a lot of extra wear and tear on these joints, accelerating the break down of joint tissues. As more and more people become obese, both young and old, there is a need for more orthopedic surgeons to repair all the joint problems.

When To See This Type of Physician

If someone is having issue associated with a disorder, deformity or maybe an injury to his or her musculoskeletal system, then it is most likely time to see an orthopedic surgeon. Often, taking pain medication or having physical therapy may have been enough to put a person at ease, but when it is no longer being effective, then this is also time to get some extra help and locate a doctor and fix the problem.

When someone finds themselves in these kind of situations then and in need of a surgeon for orthopedics problems it is best to start with a primary care physician. They are able to provide you with private information about other doctors that typically patients do not have any access to.

An additional benefit of going through a family doctor is they have experience in referring their other patients to specialists on a regular basis. These referrals provide them with feedback about the specialists after a patients returns to them and from that they can ascertain if they should keep on referring patients to that particular specialist or not.

Overall Well Being Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Well being is certainly connected with many areas of ones’ life and having a healthy musculoskeletal system is definitely a part of it, therefore having access to orthopedic surgeons to aid us is required.

Knowing about the areas of expertise in this type of surgery and how to gain access to them can also be beneficial in finding relief from pain and getting treatments long before permanent damage is done. This is our own responsibility.

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