Natural Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer


Natural Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer

A woman’s identity is well defined by her breasts. Breasts also symbolize her strong personality. Every female wants her breasts to stay healthy and out of all the fearful zones. With Puberty, breasts start growing from a pimple to a noticeable size. But with growth comes some factors that may make you fret while looking at the size or shape of your breasts. It may be a preliminary symptom of Breast Cancer (uneven size of breasts/Lump on nipples). In this topic, we are to cover some points about Natural Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer.

What appears to be a little pimple or lump may shape into a tumor in no time if not taken care of on time. Factors, if we talk about, are some most of the common ones which are poor hygiene, irregular routine, unhealthy food habits, genetic issues, and some other Carcinogenic chemicals.

How to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

However risky an ailment maybe, there are always some easy to follow measures that one must take to restrict the cancer way before it grabs the ground. The first thing to look into is to turn some pages back and find out whether your parents had the same disease or not.

Early Detection

Self-examining is the easiest way to detect whether your breasts are at a potential risk or not. Look for if you have more tissues in your breasts that fat, since both the tumors and tissue look alike among the younger age women, the fat appears as darker as to the tissues making you more vulnerable of acquiring the cancerous cells. If these spots are denser, you better consult your specialists.


Regular workouts not only help reduce weight, fat, and heart diseases but also lower the risk of Breast cancer. In the study conducted by American Cancer Society, it was observed that women with more weight gain had encountered Breast cancer more than that of those with controlled weight.

To develop a healthy cancer-free life, it is recommended to work out for at least 150 minutes a week (30 minutes a day). You can start with brisk walking to give yourself a nice push. It is not like you should start immediately with some heavy push-ups or lifting.

Restrict Exposure to Radiation

If you visit your cardio or chest specialist too often, mind avoiding the regular chest X-rays for whatever the reason may be. The more exposure to radiation means more risk of building the bad tissues that help the formation of carcinogenic cells in breasts. In 2007, the International Journal of Cancer published in its study X-Ray exposure escalates the risk factors twice as that the normal (among the non-X-rayed women).


No second thoughts saying that your baby needs it as much as you need it for your healthy life. It was observed in a study that women, who breastfed for the next 6 months after delivery, had lowered the risk of breast cancer by as much as 10%.

Choose Healthy Food

Food contributes to your well-being to a larger extent. Your liking or intake results in your build-up making you good or bad, weak or strong, fit or unfit. The food you need right now is aimed at beating cancer and needs to be organic. The list carries so many foods that encircle both the fruits and veggies. Mind putting some fresh, ripe, and natural anti-cancer elements on your table.

Foods to Eat to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • Garlic
  • Green Tea
  • Pomegranate
  • Tomatoes
  • Turmeric

Organic Food that Immunes you:

  • Carrots
  • Fungi
  • Walnut
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Apricots
  • Mangoes
  • Pumpkin
  • Tomatoes
  • Papaya
  • Peaches
  • Squash

Raise Vitamin D Intake

Vita D protects you against all the leading factors that may land you in the troubling zone. An adequate amount of a regular Vita D diet can save you from the state of vulnerability. Vitamin D is best gettable from the Sunlight, so no need to switch to additional supplements. There are a plenty of fruits and other organic elements that you’ll never have to look explicitly for. These are Cod Liver Oil, Mushrooms, Fortified Cereals, Eggs, Dairy Products, Beans, Seafood, Dark Chocolate, Olives, Green Leafy Vegetables, and Asparagus.

Avoid alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol and smoking are no good to you anyway. This guide is more inclined towards Breast Cancer, but Smoking and Drinking causes several other forms of cancers, which we believe you probably know about. In the case of ladies, even a puff of smoke or a pint of drink aggravates the level of breast tumors. Distressing as it seems, statistics have determined that the more the number of drinks, the more you are at the risk towards developing a cancer cell. The same goes for the smokers, who start smoking at an early age are easy to be stricken with the claws of breast cancer.

Go for Green Tea

In another global level study, it was observed that women who drank at least 3-5 cups of tea a day had reduced the risk of breast cancer by 37 percent to those who never had one. The reason behind is the flavonoids (antioxidants).

Best Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally

As we round up here with Natural Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer, we have a handy advice to all the concerned readers. It is highly recommended to visit your gynecologist and asking for regular checkups. Breast Cancer can hit you any time of age, majorly the initial stage of puberty. If you happened to have noticed any sort of differences in your breasts (small pockets of fat/tissues, an uneven size of breasts, acnes), it may be the time to be cautious. It is the time to get diagnosed, not ignore it. After you take proper medicinal advice, go as the doctor says, or eradicate the symptoms before it even starts affecting you with these methods and measures on How to Prevent Breast Cancer or Reduce Breast Cancer Risk.

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