Pineapple Juice Benefits for Smokers

Pineapple Juice and Health

Pineapple juice is a high nutritional drink and has a lot of benefits. It is very healthy, antioxidant, freshener and anti inflammatory. Find here all the benefits of pineapple juice especially for smokers.

Pineapple is a very beneficial fruit. It is enriched in healthy nutrients, vitamins, minerals and necessary ingredients for daily health. It has specific amount of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and C with some others. Manganese copper and magnesium are the main minerals with sufficient amount of some additional minerals. Pineapple juice is high in antioxidants. This is good thing because antioxidants protect you against aging and cancer by eliminating free radicals in your body. If you drink pineapple juice before you get your wisdom teeth removed, it will do a lot for you. This fruit has been reported helping in body balance, hormonal stimulation and lungs energizing. Benefits of Pineapple juice are equal for females, men and teenagers. I have collected here some of its benefits which help smokers in different ways. First of all see, what effects the smoking leaves in smokers. Commonly the smokers have following types of side effects.

Side Effects of Smoking

Bad Breath – The smokers carry very bad smell in their breath. Particularly if you are an old smoker, you may have this trouble in excess. It disturbs not only to your partner but also your friends and nearby people.

Darkened Lips – Smoking makes your lips dark. Even if they don’t get dark, their shine and grace is decreased. Many smoker girls have this problem and it looks very odd too.

Pale Teeth – Smoker often lose their original teeth shine. Continuous smoke gets stuck and leaves its color and stains on the teeth. It makes your smile odd, dim and unattractive.

Coughing – cough is the most prevailing side effect of the smoking. About 70% smokers face this trouble sooner or later. The cough later on creates many other diseases, disorders and complications.

How Pineapple Helps Smokers

Drinking pineapple juice has numerous benefits. It is a healthy fruit for smokers. Pineapple helps smokers in two ways. First it reduces the side effects of the smoking and secondly it helps quit smoking. I will not mention pineapple fast here. Although it is useful but contains many complications too. There are a lot of foods which are good for cleansing lungs and pineapple is one of them. An individual group of people that the pineapple diet is recommended for is smokers, because it does something special for them. Let’s find out how Pineapple juice freshly extracted from a juicer helps smokers.

Pineapple Stimulates Hormones – This fruit has been reported as a hormone stimulator. It has enzyme bromelain within it. Although not scientifically proved but the experts think that pineapple encourages the secretions of the hormones which help smokers to control smoking. Continuous smoking makes some hormones inactive. It reduces both the will power and energy against the addiction. Pineapple rouses these hormones to secret, activate and work with proper manner.

Energizing the Body – As the pineapple contains a large amount of healthy nutrients, it provides sufficient amount of energy to the body. An energetic body may fight well against the bad habits and may have better management capability.

A Special Taste – Pineapple has a very special natural taste. It is mixed type of sweet, sour, sticky and fast taste. You would have often noted that when the smokers can’t find cigarette nearby, they enjoy some sweet or sour thing. It provides them some patience against smoking wish. The special taste of pineapple may help in this regard a lot.

A Sense of Completion – Pineapple produces a sense of completion within the smokers mind. I have noted that most of the people hurry to the smoking after eating. But it does not happen so when someone takes pineapple juice. After taking a full glass of pineapple extract, your friends will take some extra time to enjoy their cigarettes. We hope after using pineapple extract you will soon be saying “I quit smoking two weeks ago. I knew pineapples and pineapple juice is supposed to help lung health and I used it.”

Providing Power – Pineapple is full of best nutrients. I find it difficult to collect all the pineapple nutrients and their benefits in this small article. There is range of vitamins, minerals, folic acid, dietary fibers and much other healthy stuff. All this produces a balance within your body which may urge you to control your attitudes, manners, addictions and habits. Drinking pineapple juice benefits your body also due to its manganese content. Manganese helps against the aging procedure by keeping your cells from free radicals.

Pineapple Helps Remove Side Effects of Smoking

Pineapple juice is a healthy drink. It will help finish the side effects of smoking naturally. Pineapple makes your lungs dirt free logically to a certain extent as it encloses the enzyme bromelain. Bromelain soaks up external and unhealthy cells in the body, removing out the majority of parasites and their worms. It will refresh your breath by its attractive flavor and taste. As you take it sip by sip, it refreshes your breath and the air from the lungs and stomach. It may remove the dark color from your teeth as it will revitalize your blood with the vitamins and minerals. The proper amount of potassium and related minerals will strengthen your teeth to guard against the unwilling gathering and stains. Pineapple contains vitamin C which will keep your lips and cheeks watery and glowing. As the pineapple juices passes through your throat, it will make it clean and clear. This will help reduce the irritation and cough. A clean and purified blood results in fresh and spotless lungs. Pineapple also aids to digestion and does its best as an anti-inflammatory. In short pineapple is an excellent thing for health and a best natural tonic for smokers. To cleanse the small intestine, drink fresh pineapple juice. Particularly useful for smokers, is also drinking carrot juice which helps wash the lungs.

Common Health Benefits of Pineapple

Fresh pineapple fruit drink has additional health benefits that may lead to a more pleasant life. It is used for a caring drink for skin and face. It supports respiratory situations like sinusitis, asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis, helps digestion and provides help in inflammatory situations for instance injuries and surgeries, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis etc as mentioned by some experts. Also, use of fresh pineapple fruit juice with zero additional sugar is suggested for improving a health of heart, skeletal system, excretory arrangement and digestive territory. It is in addition ideal for a fit diet plan and for fat cutting too, as it is practically has about no fat and sodium and holds no cholesterol in it.

All these benefits are not limited to pineapple, but you will find some extra healthy behavior in this fruit. Grapefruit is commonly used but if you don’t like the taste of grapefruit drink, you can mix it with a little orange blossom, or better you replace it with pineapple juice. Keep it in your memory that excess of anything is bad. So use it but to a healthy extent. We always recommend that consult your doctor for any medical concern. I pray for your healthy life.

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