Post-Workout Snacks


Post-workout snacks to fuel up on.

After working out your body needs nutrients to re-fuel, and that’s why post-workout snacks are such a great thing. Unfortunately, a lot of people turn to the wrong snacks, and actually end up eating things that their body doesn’t even need. Fortunately, this isn’t something you have to deal with, because some of the healthiest post-workout snacks are listed below. Enjoy these knowing that your body will be getting the vitamins, nutrients and calories that it needs to re-power.

nuts and dried fruit for post-workout snacks

1. Nuts and Dried Fruit:

This is a great option for individuals who are on the go after they exercise.  Nuts are a healthy protein treat for your muscles, and the dried fruit will give you some sugar to provide you with a kick of energy. Just make sure you don’t eat too much of this, because it can be very high in calories. Stick with ONE serving and pre-measure it before you workout.

Tip: Once you pre-measure the mix just put it into a baggie and you can bring it with you anywhere!

2. Yogurt:

This is a great snack because it’s full of protein and calcium, but is also a low calorie treat. You’ll generally want to go for the yogurts that are 100 calories or less and are low in sugar. Greek yogurt is one of the best options because it has more protein than typical yogurt and comes in a variety of different flavors.

3. Protein Shake:

This is one of the most common choices because your muscles need protein after you workout, especially if you’ve been lifting weights. There are a lot of different recipes available online, but you can also mix your protein powder with water if you want something that’s easy and convenient.

Tip: Wait until after your workout to mix the protein shake up, otherwise it can end up spoiling while you’re exercising.

4. Whole-wheat Sandwich:

If you’re at home and want a satisfying snack, then make a turkey sandwich on whole-wheat bread. Skip the mayo and opt for Dijon mustard, fresh spinach and tomatoes to make this lower in calories and just as satisfying. The veggies will help fill you up while the protein in the turkey will soothe your building muscles.

Tip: When using pre-packaged turkey or deli meat, make sure you read the label. Many manufacturers put hidden sugars in their meats, and this can add on extra calories that you don’t want in your meal.

5. Chocolate Milk:post-workout snacks include chocolate milk

Other post-workout snacks include chocolate milk. A lot of athletes and bodybuilders swear by chocolate milk after their workouts, and that’s for good reason. This healthy beveragehas the perfection balance of carbohydrates and protein, and will satisfy your sweet tooth as well. There are a lot of different brands you can choose from, so make sure you read labels and choose the option that has the least sugar. After all, you don’t want to blow your workout on the snack you have after.

6. Toast with Almond/Peanut Butter and Banana:

Take one piece of whole wheat bread (low calorie if you can find it) and toast it without butter. Spread on 1 tbsp of your choice nut butter and then top with 1/2 of a banana (sliced). This is a great snack because it has protein, potassium, natural sugars and carbohydrates that you need to recover from a workout.

Tip: Look for Sara-Lee or Weight Watchers wheat bread, both of which are less than 50 calories for each slice.

7. Omelet:

The protein in eggs is great for rebuilding muscle, and if you add veggies, you’ll have a snack that is filling. Some ingredients to add include: broccoli, red pepper, mozzarella cheese and spinach. If you want carbs then eat a piece of wheat toast along with it, but avoid extra butter.

Tip: Use half eggs and half egg whites if you need to lower the calorie count. You’ll still have a lot of protein in the snack with the added whites.

Do any of these post-workout snacks sound good to you? While some will require you to cook, many of them you can prepare ahead of time and bring anywhere you go. These will help your body recover after any intensity workout, and that can mean feeling a lot less sore the next day. One of the biggest mistakes people make when being healthier is avoiding nutrition, but it’s not something to worry about. By considering what your body needs you’ll be eating things that help you feel great.

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